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I've met this guy recently we started talking, then I've decided to meet up with him and hang out. As I was in hes car I saw him pull out a big bottle of Jack Daniel's alcohol I was never aware of I was very disappointed, as I got back home he told me that he's penis was getting hard so I told him to fuck off an I ran I'm still very annoyed. Please help me get over him lol

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6 Answers

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Get over him? You were smart to get away from him. Pulling out a bottle in a car could have been dangerous for you both. 

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Unless you are into zipless sex pass this dog by

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Get over him? Hon, what is there to get over? You met him recently, and hung out together, then found out he's a jerk. It's not like you went steady with him for a year.

Any time you start think you might be missing him, remember what he did that made you run for the hills. You did the right thing - he sounds like a real tool. 

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There's nothing there to get over.  He was and is and will continue to be a LOSER.  For those mental midgets, you just laugh at what idiots they are and move on.

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The reason that people date is to find out about each other.   

I am a big believer of asking.  Obviously he is too.  His penis was hard and he thought that you might want to know so you could decide what to do.  A clumsy way to ask if you wanted to have sex.  You didn't.  You both found out something.  He just wanted to have sex, you didn't want to.

Next, he believed that you might be impressed that he was drinking expensive whiskey.  You were not.  And didn't seem to want to drink and fuck.  Another learning experience.

So, overall, you have little in common.  It should be easy for you to move past the experience.

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Don't see a problem myself. Alcohol, sex and a car. He's the ideal fit.

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