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They came out very good, but I had to freeze most because I ate about 3 or  4. 

I bioiled too many potatoes thinking they were needed more than the flour, so when I saw the recipe I had to make an extra batch. I added butter, green onion, and Murray's Cheddar cheese which they sell here. 

   Will save the rest for company!  Thanks Belle for letting us know about them. 

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2 Answers

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Superb. Now you need to make lorne sausage and Scottish plain bread lol. Ill make a Scot out of you yetxxx

by (3,030,290 points)

Haha!! I'll have to.look those up too. Hey, my daughter's boyfriend is half Scottish or comes from that lineage, as well as English so maybe I'll make him some. His own mother didn't cook very much, so he might like them. He's such a nice boy, from what I see. 

   I'll add Scotland to me.bucketlist. lol


This site is very US heavy. Thats cool, however I love people who look outside that box. You're one of them. Thank you.


Thank you, and you're welcome. 

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Yeah, but it's not Wednesday.

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Uh oh...20 lashes!!!

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