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Hello everyone

As you all know by now, I have met and have been chatting to Mr dearest Amanda online and who is now going to become my wife next year sometime I'm hoping. I am also at a major crossroads in what may become my search for a career in an office. A dream I have long held for over 30 years. (Yes I did work in an office as a Trainer about 13 years ago but that's such a long time ago it has faded and I have little and so many happy memories of it have long since gone)

Do you think I can survive with my sponatneous nature now and look forward to the good times which I know are coming. 

I have promised myself because I know it is good mental health to have something or more things to look forward to a holiday on my own maybe before the end of the year, Small things I can do for myself everyday when feeling stressed by my current situation. Some chocolate, a car journey, some music, some TV, my PlayStation, 

What do you do and how do you cope with stress? Tell me so we can share our stories!!


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Stress is a serious illness and is so overlooked and underestimated. The strange thing about stress is, one doesn't recognise they are under it until they are not.

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Some people thrive on stress, normally the competitive types. Balance is what people should be aiming for. Music is a good stress reliever and works well with stressful situations. Music is also a good motivator and puts you in the right mood.

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You have to force yourself to.pamper yourself in any way you can to destress. In simple language, spoil yourself a bit with things you normally don't have time for. Take the time to listen to music, go see a film, read a good book or take a nature walk. All of those help me forget problems and issues. Meditation also works wonders to think with a clearer mind. 

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By taking realistic steps to reduce and eliminate the source/ cause of the stress.

Take a realistic inventory of your employment skills. Then evaluate the employment possibilities starting with nearby prospects moving outward.

Take a good look at your vehicle/ transportation and determine if it’s reliable.

Look at your most recent interviews/applications  were you qualified either under or over for the last job you applied for. How long since you last were actively engaged in job seeking?

Are you waiting for weeks or months for your dream job to appear?

You must be honest with yourself and not fantasize about what might be but what is.

Not fully resolving issues is what consistently churns stress!

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