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I'm currently watching this show and the girl was being teased because she's never kissed a guy, held a guy's hand, nothing. And she's portrayed as beautiful in the story. While thinking and laughing at her, I've come to realize I have never done any of those things either. No kiss on the cheek, no kiss period, no holding hands. I've never even been in a relationship before. I think part of the reason is that I'm shy and have bad social anxiety. I'm 15. Is that unusual or...?


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You're still young and you should put your studies first before all that hand holding. Your social anxiety may well go while you're maturing.

When I was your age I thought I was the ugliest person on the planet. I used to walk with my head down so no one could see how ugly I was. I couldn't wait until I was 22, a magic number when things will be better.

Guess what? It was, the moment I turned 22 things got better. I wasn't beautiful but I wasn't as ugly as I thought.

Nothing to do with being 22, more to do with maturing attitudes.

Good luck, you'll get all the kisses and hand holding when you're ready for it.

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I was very shy at age 15. I too didn’t have any experience with boys.

Our culture has been pushing young women to claim their “right” to be as sexual as males as an equality issue. The premise of which females were judged as loose if the took their pleasure as freely as males had. While there is a case to be made, having both sexes exploring their sexual needs before they were fully mature led to a large number of unwanted pregnancies.

Major retailers have pushed the Lolita image of the then underage Brittany Spears and have continued with the sexualization of our female youth.

No one wants to feel or be labeled as odd or different but in this case at 15 you are not behind the curve.

Take your time these issues usually work themselves out.

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If you're just 15, you are not alone and I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there in the same age bracket that are the same way. I was one of those girls. 

   As mentioned here, you're very young and I wouldn't worry about this and concentrate on your studies for now. Later on, when you feel more ready, you can join groups, maybe study groups and clubs, to help you develop a more healthy attitude toward the opposite sex. By doing this you also have less anxiety with boys as well, and will become more ready to establish relationships with them. But don't think you are in any way weird, because you certainly aren't. 

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