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my mom has diabetes and she's had 2 strokes and her memory aint the best, cuz forgets who i am sometimes
i am her caregiver not my brother

welp my brother brings her pop and candy...not often but the fact he brings it to her and she eats it all pisses me off

i don't even buy her that stuff cuz she doesn't need it and i told him over and over again stop bringing her that bs....

he says what does God say, if God says she's healthy then she's healthy...i said a healthy person doesnt have strokes and diabetes and God gave us common sense...if you not healthy you dont eat junk food, that's like you having the flu and eating popcorn and cake cuz you think thats' gonna make you feel better...smdh

my mom and foolish brother think im tryin to control her...i said no, its not control, you arent the healthiest and  you don't need it....if she wants something sweet i give her fruit, that's healthier than juice, pop and candy....

what can i do about my foolish brother to get him to realize mom doesn't need garbage cuz he aint comprehending that an unhealthy person doesn't need junk food, it suppresses the body....

thanks for any advice 
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Have your brother be the next one to take your Mom to the doctors office. Or if you can, explain this to either a nurse or the doctor and see that the doctor talk to your Mom about it if he can, over the phone. Both your Mom and brother are acting irresponsibly. However if having 2 strokes and diabetes won't scare them both, there's not much you can do except meet your brother at the door next time he visits and replace the junk food with heathy food. Tell him you care too much about your Mom to allow him to get her sicker than what she already is. Let him take those " goodies" back home with him. 

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Tell your brother that giving sugary foods to a diabetic who is not mentally sound enough to make her own decisions, is tantamount to murder and if your mother gets sicker or dies, you will have him charged with  assault or negligent homicide. Period. 

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Hi. You ask a set of very complex questions. 

Does your mum forgetting who you are upset you? Do you understand the level of control you have over your brothers choices and your mums requirement for to eat junk food perhaps just because she can. 

I'm afraid GOD has very little to do with how healthy your mum is. Its HER choices and you can only have minimal impact on that. Why can't you bring her the equivelent in  healthy foods and ask her to try those things for you and maybe swap some of those unhealthy foods out of her system.  

I think to say junk food surpresses the body is right but everything in proportion right. I mean I'm like a really healthy person but I still enjoy the odd pack of crisps and chocolate bar right. 

Ask yourself how you can help yourself first understand your brothers perspective and your mothers need for that love and your need for more control of both of them. 

All the best

Anthony John Palmer. 

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