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He’s 50, I’m 47. Apparently I wasn’t what he was looking for so he started dating someone else over a year ago. 

Since I’ve broken up w him he still continues to text me, offers to help me w stuff....he even recently asked me for pics of me. WTF? 

If a man is so in love and this woman is so much better, why not just forget me??? Would a man in love w his new woman do this? He knows I won’t sleep w him again so why is he not moving on? Maybe he regrets being an asshole? Idk but he won’t talk about it. 


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2 Answers

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My advice tro you is Just tell him to POLIETLY fcuk off. 

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It may be he’s looking for “a little something on the side” and he thinks you may be open to it.

The real question is: Why do you care why he’s doing it? It doesn’t really matter, does it?

If it was me, I’d just ignore his texts. If he texts enough times without getting any response he’ll stop doing it. Better yet, just block his phone number. 

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Guys hate to be broken up on.  They like to be the breaker up oner.  So, to kind of keep his ego intact, he wants to remain in contact.  No real reason except bragging rights.  "See my ex gf".

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