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+4 votes

So, there's a strip club that I drive past quite often. Their sign says "We have hundreds of beautiful women...and three ugly ones too!"

What do you think these three gals stage names might be? How do you think the announcer would introduce them?

Cora Covid...She's Contagious!

Last Call Lucille...When those lights go on, you better be gone!

Flashy Florence...One flash of Florence and you'll wish you were blind!

in Just For Fun by (324,690 points)

2 Answers

+3 votes

Fanny Green? Its just the way the  light is shining.

by (3,008,370 points)


+1 vote

Butterface Betty - wearing a mask never looked so good! 

by (2,425,430 points)

Awesome!! Love this one! Everything looked good Butterface!!

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