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Trump was right all along according to Trump.

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2 Answers

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He talks about the vaccine in the same terms he has been using since April: it's coming soon and everyone will have it by October (well, that one is out the window, but it has been replaced by "the end of the year"), perhaps in a matter of a couple of weeks.

If he keeps saying we'll have it "in a few weeks" every week or so, eventually, he will be correct.

What we are ACTUALLY seeing is that the vaccine is moving along rapidly--more rapidly than we dared to hope for back in March or April. Dr. Fauci was quick to issue a conservative "keep calm" message about the arrival of a good vaccine, even if its arrival comes in ahead of schedule.  The CREDIT for the vaccine goes 90% to the doctors and scientists who have tirelessly developed it. Ten percent of the credit SHOULD go to Donald Trump.  Let's face it:  he HAS pushed it relentlessly.  In fact, it became the only solution to his problem with the way the pandemic was spreading in the face of his irresponsible lack of action on a national basis and his reprehensible lack of being an example for "smart living" (masks and social distancing) for America.  So he has HAD to push it and has HAD to count on its development.  

But now... let's be realistic.  Let's say the vaccine from Pfizer, which so far is coming across as 90% effective, passes and concludes its third and final stage of testing in the next two weeks, and the last round of "doses" is/will have been administered effectively.  Remember, this is a two-stage vaccine, and are supposed to be 2-3 weeks between stage one and stage two.  That puts us to the weekend after Thanksgiving.  THEN you have the problem of mass distribution to the first group of recipients.  The first group will be doctors, nurses, and all front-line first responders, followed closely by the most essential workers.

Consider how this has to be done.  First of all, this vaccine must be "beyond frozen."  It has to be kept at -70 degrees Celsius (that's -94 degrees Fahrenheit for Americans).  We have to develop a system of transport that will keep the vaccine doses at that temperature--and a "refrigerated truck" that we see on the road these days does not have that capability.  So we have to come up with a way to "make" that truck able to keep the temp down.

THEN we have to develop a system of DELIVERY so that locations where the vaccine is scheduled to arrive are prepared.  THEY all have to have refrigerated storage areas where they keep the doses.  THEN there has to be a cadre of workers who have been properly TRAINED to administer it.  

All THIS takes time.  At BEST, *I* think we're looking at some time in January.  And that's just for a VERY limited number of recipients.

So... uh... yes, he deserves some credit...

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I think that the only way trumper contributed is that he stayed out of the way.  Big pharma saw this as a way to make serious money.  And the first one out will get most of the money.  The Chinese sequenced the dna of the virus and released it to the rest of the world.  That gave pharmaceuticals a head start on making a vaccine.  Then the race was on.  The gates foundation has give ten of the vaccine developers money to produce the large scale factory required to make hundreds of millions of doses.

All trump has contributed to this effort is a claim on the credit.

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