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20 day since he got beat, then 28 other times after that 

How many times can a loser lose?

in Entertainment by (3,008,370 points)

4 Answers

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he souldn't

by (860 points)
+2 votes

He needs a swift kick up the arse. His actions are now delaying a vaccine roll-out. How many more have to die because of this idiot.

by (3,980,331 points)
+2 votes

He should realize that as soon as he leaves the white house he will be able to screw the random woman and no one will care.  I doubt that he has been laid since the stormy danials story broke.  That has to be making him crazy.  Maybe he has been putting it to hope hicks, but it has probably been a long dry spell.  Seems like it would be a relief to get out of the public glare.

by (1,516,210 points)
+1 vote

Blue stole my answer! I too think he deserves a swift kick in the keester.

 As a parent you would not reward your kid’s bad behavior with a pony - you’d discipline him instead. Same goes for the overgrown kid in the WH. 

by (2,425,430 points)

And a parent who deals properly with their child's bad behaviour doesn't get extra points.

Its not an act of bravery to discipline an errant child 


Agreed. I’m tired of hearing praise for GOP officials who speak against Trump’s seditious actions.  We should not congratulate them for protecting the Constitution - it’s what they agreed to do under oath when they were elected. 

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