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Thats an easy one and I knew it before I looked at the answer. Guess the meaning?!

in Just For Fun by (1,035,590 points)

5 Answers

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Dulling down Trump's catastrophic mistakes.

by (4,001,051 points)

No...try again.  What you mentioned will take a lot of work.

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Let's see. Calcify means to invade and harden with calcium..  Maybe it means to invade and harden with dullness.

I have friends like that.

by (1,524,050 points)

No, good try. 

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by (686,630 points)

Yes, you got it. Do you speak another language that helped you guess it? 

+2 votes
Is it ice cream? Dulce de Leche is a flavor of Hagen Daas ice cream! 
by (2,434,850 points)

Yes well, dulce means sweet in Spanish. dulce de leche translates to milk candy or milk sweets (milk is leche). It can also mean sweet, as in she's a sweet lady. 

  Tres leches cake is cake using 3 ingredients made from milk, like sweetened condensed, etc. 


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Well, "dulcet tones" refers to soothing, quieting speech, such as a mother to a worried child or a narrator's calm, reassuring tone.

Dulcify, I'm guessing, is to soothe or calm someone.

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