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<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·         <!-- [endif] -->What are the social classes the characters in the story represent? Who are considered as bourgeois and proletariat?

Obviously, the match girl was the proletariat



<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·         <!-- [endif] -->To what extent is the discrepancy of life style between the social classes?


<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·         <!-- [endif] -->What struggles does the proletariat encounter?



<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·         <!-- [endif] -->What privileges are enjoyed by the bourgeoisie?


<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·         <!-- [endif] -->What other conditions stemming from the proletariat's struggle does the writer emphasize?


<!-- [if !supportLists] -->·         <!-- [endif] -->What insights can you infer from the selection? 

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2 Answers

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So... what are YOUR thoughts?  Give us YOUR thoughts here and THEN we'll help you.

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Yes, that looks like a good thought provoking set of questions.  Nice job.

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