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How does the word “Inquire” relate to the Spanish Inquisition?   

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4 Answers

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Well, the root of the words may be the same... since the first five letters are the same...  

What did YOU find out when you did YOUR research?  Let us know, and we'll be HAPPY to assist you in going further!

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Pssst..."in-" is a prefix, the root is "quire" . Most roots are short and are incomplete, like duct, tract, spec, and vis. 


I know, Amy.  I was making an effort NOT to give out useful information, though.  I tend to come up with "answers" that give very little information unless I can see that the poster is legitimately trying to get some help instead of simply posting a question with the goal of having someone do their work for them.

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Because nobody expects it! 

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This is too easy, now looks at the roots of the Inquisition.  Also look at  Latin from which the word derives.  Start with French KIng Phillips destruction of the Cathers in the Langudoc.  Then take at the rise of the Jesuits after the Reconquest.

Did you not study history at all?  Enquetor (fr), Inquetor (SP)  both are verbs, how do you make a noun

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Inquisitor means inquisitor or interrogator in Spanish. The rest you can Google: what was the Spanish inquisition, why the Spanish felt it needed to be done, and who suffered because of it. Religion was the basis for it. 

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