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What exactly do I need to pay attention to and emphasize while writing a research paper on gas market reforms? (My research topic is “Comparative analysis of gas market reforms: Russia and Canada”). Thank you in advance.

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I will be kindly today:

1. Supply and demand issues, including alternative enegy coming into the market

2.  Gazprom's new pipeline bypassing the Ukraine going through Mother Russia.  This will give Russia more leverage over leverage over the EU.  Balance that with LNG, the new terminals coming online in the Southern EU. Do note that Russia most winters throttles the EU if they get out of line. 

The new pipeline will allow the pipelines through the Ukraine to be shut down to force a change in Kiev Governmental structure.  Putin does want the Empire back

3. Canada is reacting to reduced demand from the US.  Green energy and global warming are impacting demand.  US supply is up forcing pricing down.  Also nopte the new pipelines project have been curtailed or canceled.

Read Kinder Morgans annual report, Read the special reports from the WSJ

This should direct you in the right direction.  Wild card what would happen if Erdogan pushed his Army and took Mosel?  Do not he now has Russian missile batteries and really is pissed off he did not get EU membership

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