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At the very beginning of this pandemic every government in the four nations of the UK monumentally fucked up in respect to our care homes. Our older population were dying like flys, horrific, of course it was.

However, because of the terrible optics the UK's 4 governments have decided care home residents and our over 80 population will be the first to be vaccinated. In fact, in Scotland all care home residents have had it and they are starting on the communities now.

Now, here is the rub, the evidence I'm  a hard hearted bitch. 

Why are our fire fighters not first, or our shop assistants or our janitorial staff and cleaners? What about our bus drivers? Who is looking out for our gritters? Our HGV1 drivers who deliver our vitals? Who?

If our 4 Governments had done a better job for our elders and protected them better, our vital workers would be safer now.

But maybe that just me.

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4 Answers

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GB on both sides of the pond our Politicians mismanaged the situation

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Instead of apologising politicians give you excuses. The classic now is it's unprecedented and uncharted waters. To a degree that's true, but that excuse only lasts for so long because they don't learn.

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I don’t think it makes you a bitch - it makes you logical. I often wonder why “little people” like us can see this shit coming, but the highly compensated politicians who are supposed to act for the general public’s best welfare, can’t figure things out until they’re doing it in hindsight. 

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GB, I must be a hard hearted bitch too, because I feel the same way. It makes sense to vaccinate those who are holding up societal needs. I also feel those hospital workers, should also be along among the first. They have done it all, Lord knows.

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