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Doc and I our expecting the next addition to the fold Feberur-aish.  We are also retreating from our working life, go figure.

With 3 or almost 4 year-olds and one new one on the way it is time to explore new roles.

Blue as of next month we will no longer contribute, babies and retirement (mine) do cut back resources contributions may be limited, 

We will be splitting our time between A&B. A surgeon on the front lines has reached her limits. I am 3 years beyond our time for my mandatory retirement,   

I do miss Lavender and Buffer.  Un like them I will stay a member....

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6 Answers

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Again?  You do know what causes that don't you?  But you can probably afford to not work and enjoy the kids.  If it is possible to enjoy 3-4 year olds. Good luck to you both.

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Wellone, ten years ago I could have/would have retired. This sprite of an older runner seduced me.  She owed the State/Our State a few more years of service for her surgical Education.

Causes a hard dick and lots of Champagne.  We now are expecting again and even more excited - go figure.  Imagine going to bed with your dream and waking up to her every morning.  I am more than lucky.

Now number 3 was a surprise.  We were told it would not happen etc.  When it did all test were taken to prevent/preclude a damaged baby.  It has been confirmed it will be healthy and normal.

Doc & I are in shock and excited beyond belief.  Her siblings are excited as this has been a family adventure.  Their half Siblings are excited as well.

Thanks all

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Thanks Archer. Not a problem. Congratulations and the very best of luck.

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All the best, Archer!  You might find a few minutes here and there... and if you do,... we hope to see you back soon!

by (894,480 points)

Will do,

Am Retired with still Official Duties for the Corporation.  AKA if they are going to fund my pension they need to make press.

My deal with the devil, though this devil islknd IMO.

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Hey, Archerchef! Sounds like you’ve got some exciting changes coming up. Congrats to you and Dr Archerchef on your soon-to-be addition to the family. 

Don’t be a stranger! 

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Will not be a stranger, Juste dealing with limited time.

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Wow oh wow Archerchef! I hardly know what to say with all these young babes! You are truly young at heart!

I spoke with Buffer. He says “Congratulations man” Buffer liked your input to the site as I do also!

Take care. We wish you and Doc all the best!

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Congratulations on the new addition to your lives. Wishing you and the family all the best. 

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KIng thanks, it was sort of a shock for us both

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