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I think Biden is more likely to be effective with a common sense approach with a greater degree of understanding and compassion. For a politician. It's nice to hear a president actually talking some sense. I'm also seeing operation warp speed was another Trump disaster.

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I doubt it. Maybe we'll see some progress but a full resolution is unlikely.  Racism is systemic and deeply ingrained in parts of society. It will take a figurative pressure washer not a damp cloth to see any major change.

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Not when we have the KKK, the Proud Boys, and police that are in the sides of white Nationalists. People like this will never change. 

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The problem of police killing blacks has gone on longer than Trump's presidency.  It will continue until we recognize the existence of and address the solutions for the systemic problem of police violence.

By the way... in America.  the use of the term "boy" associated with any black male, is considered racially derogatory, dating way back to the earliest days of slavery when all black men were disdainfully called "Boy."  Probably better to say "black people."

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My question was rhetorical simply pointing out trump going wasnt a wonder drug that cured all ills.

They are boys, that's exactly what they are. A generation of children being systematically wiped out by white people who are afraid they may lose their privilege.

You can't tell me Elijah McLean wasn't a boy, or Treyvon Martin.  If anyone is offended then I will call them children, that is also a good descriptor.

Will the police in America stop killing black children now that trump is gone?


As I said, " It will continue until we recognize the existence of and address the solutions for the systemic problem of police violence."

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No,  but at least we now have an administration that admits there’s a problem and will hopefully work towards finding a solution. 

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I'm not sure but I'm strapped up anyway. I can't fully trust any department that would allow a bitch in disgusting fashion kneel on a Black man's neck for 8 monutes and 49 seconds. Would you? That could've been my family or ME. 

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