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To all who were wondering and those that were not.  We welcomed the newest member to ou family this morning, Karl Micheal.  Doc is doing fine and is questioning my parenting abilities (again).  W&K are not allowed to meet their new brother until homecoming in 3 days, normal in Austria.  The Resident Labradors know something is up....

The future is bright, albeit a bit murky as we move forward. That is the (supposed) Hogwarts Crystal Ball we bought on Amazon is not working....... we think it is a fake.....

Doc and I will be kicking back as I take early retirement and she can legally stop practicing medicine.  We will let you know through infrequent visits (hopefully) where we end up and what we are doing.  Rest assured Wine & Food will be ever present.

If anyone is in contact with Lavender, Buff and a few others (Born in the Meadow Court)  Old timers please let them know.  Do note we are extremely happy though very much afraid of the New-Born drill for the next year.

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Congrats my friend.

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Blue what in gods name are you doing up at this early hour?

Thank you, my work was done months ago.  The Doc deserves to be commented.  We are happy new parents, however at our age we did not expect this blessing.

Our work has now begun, may our hands & ninds  be guided. 

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Congratulations to you and Dr Archerchef on your new baby!  So glad everyone is healthy and happy. 

I had thought  you said it was going to be a girl! Did you get a surprise or did I remember that incorrectly? 

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JPT Doc thought I was getting to high on myself and sandbagged me.  Simple right.  We are happy though at my age the 10-2-4 routine of feedings is getting old quick.

That said would not trade it for the world.  We are waiting for the end of Days of Covid and will explore the world with our family.  This Summer we will be in Stiermark avoiding both the heat and Covid - Doctors orders.

If you are ever in our corner of the World let us know.  BTW the new female member of the Family is going to be a Schaffer Hund (German Shepard).  Doc wants a dog of her own.....

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Congratulations! Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

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Thank you.  Having young kids even when you are old keeps you young.  That said you take and may the winds blow as fair for you as they have for me

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::tossin' confetti everywhere::  All RIGHT!!!!  Congrats to Mom and Pop!

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May we have more than 3 hours of sleep...... Just asking.  It isw another marvelous adventure for us.  We do ask why our Ex's let us go.....

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Congratulations, I think.

You do know what causes these little people don't you.  LOL.

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Wellone, this was a surprise not aqn accicent. Doc di milead me, however we are all happy ay as helll.

Doc di bow out of her official duties on a H of a note.  The Grandparents are estatic even with a Yank in the family

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