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Today and another day this week, they're not sure yet, will bring about 10 inches of snow to the area. 

   I think I bought back the famous NJ snow to Ohio.  Wish I could bring back the beaches instead! :D!!

   How are things where you are??

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7 Answers

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Stay safe and warm Amy! My sister sent me a photo of the expressway in Chicago...OMG I was shivering just looking at the picture! I haven’t seen that much snow in 25 years! I’ll gladly take 118 degrees F in July any day over the midwestern winters cold and snow! 

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You are lucky, my friend. I am not much of a heat person, but it has to beat this cold air. Not even the dog likes it. 

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Northern Ohio here...we are supposed to get 8 to 12 inches.  I'll believe it when I see it. 

 We usually get missed.   Stay safe.

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The ice storm you missed, the coming snow you may not.  Stay safe


We got hit here in the middle of the state, about 5 inches so far. 

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Snow is picking up & road visibility is deteriorating by the hour here in metro Detroit. They're expecting up to 10 inches of snow.

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It has been cold here, but the cold keeps the snow away.  We got about 4 inches of light easy to blow snow last night to about noon today.  Expected to see some more on thursday I think.  We have over 2 ft on the ground.  It is piled so high the blower has a difficult time getting the new stuff over the old stuff. 

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Now that's a lot of snow. The blizzards in NJ sound like this. 


I talked to a friend in upstate NY and they also have about two feet on the ground and are expecting another foot.


Upstate NY and Boston always get pillowed by snow. I love Boston and the northeast in general,  except for those winters. 

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We were supposed to drive back from Hilton Head to Pittsburgh on Friday, but the weather reports for Friday and Saturday were so alarming (huge storms between Hilton Head and Pittsburgh), we extended our stay for two extra nights and drove back on Valentine's Day, which turned out to be the only day with no horrible weather.  We got back in time for me to spend an hour and a half shoveling snow in our driveway today.  Good to be home.  :-)

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How nice it was to extend your time at Hilton Head. We've had snow on and off this week but today was worse. Everyday I wake up and it's snowing.  At least there's no shoveling for me. Welcome back. 

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I'm so glad I was out sick from work both snowstorms

I was in the hospital twice this year 

I hate snow!

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Oh this is from February.   

 We had a level 3 snow emergency. 
I didn't even bother attempting to drive home that night. 

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pay attention man....jeeeeez...   :D


Where are you at, Madman, that you have level 3 snow emergencies? 


At the time I was in Mercer county working.  

I think auglaize started the level system in 2020.    

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