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i wanna lose weight but its hard to stop eating the food i enjoy :(

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8 Answers

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Yes it’s hard. If it was easy there would be far fewer overweight people. 

What really helped me was signing up with the free app “My Fitness Pal.” I can keep track of every morsel that passes my lips, and I can plan my meals better. I still eat great food - I just don’t eat too much of it because the app keeps me aware of what, and how much, I’m consuming. I’ve taken off around 40 pounds in 2 years just using “My Fitness Pal” to count calories.  Slow but sure. 

The only bad thing about getting to a healthy weight is that it’s HARD. But everything else about it is good - your health, your appearance, your mood... 

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ok thank you i will try the app out!


Good luck! 

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If you are able to eat breakfast much later, I would try that, and eat what you like, lessening your carb intake. Eat your breakfast at at 11:00 or 12:00,  and then the rest of food within 8 hours. In other words eat within 8 hours. After 8 hours, have tea, coffee, broth,  and so on. Repeat the next day.  Drink plenty of water during the entire day. You will burn off calories and fat during the time you aren't eating, and will lose weight. 

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Stop thinking weight and starting thinking healthy. Keep it simple. Keep it sensible. Going for a walk a couple of times a day is the best exercise you can get. I dropped 3 stone.

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It is hard.  Recently I had to have my gall bladder removed.  If I eat to much I get sick.  It has taken a while to control the amount to less than makes me sick, but I am getting there.  I am hoping for 10 lbs a year.  Also, I have developed  an allergy to beer.  That help to lose weight.  Not that living is much fun.

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I ate my way into diabetes type 2, yup I am that woman. I was diagnosed just before lockdown and have had no input from medics at all. Thats changing this month though.

So for me its not about losing wright its now about not dying from heart disease,.

It is hard, especially at this time while we are shielding and iving in comfy clothes.

Good luck and a hi protein low carb diet does actually work.

If you want a diet buddy pm me.

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Losing and keeping weight off are constant struggles for me.  Five years ago, I needed to lose 50 pounds or more, and I got an app for my phone called "Lose It!"  I set my goal of "losing a pound and a half per week," and it set my daily caloric intake goal.  I enter what I eat and make an effort not to go over the limit most of the time or to limit the "overage" to 100 or fewer calories on those occasions where I don't stay under.  

I've found there are three things that are really important.  (1) be honest when entering and do it every day, every meal; remember, not putting something in or saying I only had a small order of fries instead of a medium order of fries only costs ME, not someone else... and (2) limit portions: have one piece of toast instead of two, have half of that chicken park sandwich (without the bun) today and have the other half tomorrow with half the bun... and (3) try to add in SOME kind of exercise 3-4 times per week: walk the dog for a couple of miles, do a half hour on the elliptical, or (my favorite) ride your bicycle for half an hour to an hour and a half--actually fun to do and really burns off the calories.  All the calories you "burn" on exercise come off your daily limits, so that means I *can* have some popcorn later, etc.

CONSISTENCY!!!!  If you aren't consistent, then just don't start.  You'll get depressed and will start eating more.  Don't go for the "lose a bunch quickly" diets.  They always end up with "I made it! Now I can eat again!" attitudes, which result in re-gaining all the weight you lost PLUS a few extra pounds.  Eat what you want, but make it smaller portions.  Don't cheat the app; you only cheat yourself.  Do some kind of exercise.  Keep a positive attitude.

Best wishes as you move into a new and healthier lifestyle!

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thank you!

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Nutrisystem is the only way to Go! I lost 60 lbs in 90 days.Everything else i tried failed!

by (25,910 points)
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my fat ass lost 86 pounds in 2008/ going to the gym and counting fat grams...took 2 years...!!!!  it is just have to want it so much you can taste it....

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