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"Boys will be Boys".

This is an excuse for kids bullying another and forcing them to drink urine.

Read this disgusting shit 

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2 Answers

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That’s an excuse that’s been used for about a million years to absolve frat-boys of responsibility for their actions. And you’re right - it’s always been a lame justification for some of the worst behavior. I’ve always wondered why *more* men aren’t highly insulted by that philosophy  - it makes it seem as if guys are too dumb to make their own choices and they just act out of instinct, like animals. Y’all are smarter than that! 

To all the dudes out there who don’t act out like those troglodytes - THANK YOU. The world appreciates you and we don’t tell you that often enough! 

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King the article was blocked aka 404 from my servers.

Whatever you have our support

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Thank you, interesting albeit scary.  It is Texas so you would figure that S__t is going on there


this link worked for me sad and disgusting

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