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I am able to have the shot sooner (for Covid, of course, not whiskey), as of the 4th of the month. I wont have to wait until I'm 65 as it had been before. That is great news for me because I am traveling in April. All I need to do is put myself on a wait list to get it in town.

   Anyhow I wanted to know if any of you who took the vaccine already, have you gotten that ill from it, and how safe was it for you to travel?  I guess I can ask whomever is giving me the vaccine as well. 



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4 Answers

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I've had my first jab. Pfizer. My arm was a bit sore next day but they explained that before I got it. The vaccine centre was shit hot, no joke. The set up and getting people done ran like clockwork. I was very impressed.

I walked it there. I haven't heard any problems with travelling.

I have heard they're can be side effects but they are minor and affect very few.

Glad you are able to get it.

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I have received both doses of Moderna.  I had about the same reaction to both.  Sore at the injection arm.  Lasted a few days.  The second one made me tired for about two days.  I didn't have the energy to go skiing.  Then, felt fine.  It has been 10 days since the second shot.  

I have no travel plans but hope to get a haircut this week.

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I expect I will be tired as well. Good luck with the haircut.


Tired  seems to be normal.  Sore at the injection site also.

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I've had my first jag and I had no side effects at all. I was extremely tired the next day but I dont know if that was just coincidence.

We can't travel anywhere yet as we're still on lockdown and we've been advised to  continue to follow guidelines.

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II cant wait to take it and get both over with.  have been home too but its due to my arthritic knee.  I'm doing exercises that help, but haven't been doing much walking because of it. So staying home a lot.

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Mrs Media and I got our first Pfizer vaccination 10 days ago.  Sore arm the next day.  We are preparing for the predicted "being sick" for a day or two after the second one. Everything I am hearing is that taking Tylenol AFTER (not before) getting the second vaccination has been helpful.  I'm hearing that it should be taken preventatively to stay ahead of whatever the vaccine has been dealing out.

As for travel, we are going to fly for the first time next month, but we will still take maximum precautions.  I will be wearing an N-95 mask plus a face shield both in the airport and on the plane(s).

So far as travel by car, we drove from Pittsburgh to Orlando in January, taking two days for the trip.  We didn't trust staying in any hotel/motel, so we stayed in Hilton Head at Marriott's SurfWatch resort, where we have stayed in the past, and where we already know from experience how diligent the staff there is about sanitizing everything from room preparation to chairs by the pool to enforcing the mask mandates, etc.  We were fully confident.  

Of course, since I'm on two Marriott Boards of Directors (Myrtle Beach and one in Orlando), I've seen from the inside out exactly how much care and detail goes into the efforts at our Marriott Vacation Clubs, and I have 100% confidence in staying at any of them.  So... we stayed at Marriott Vacation Clubs -- a week in Orlando, a week in West Palm Beach, a week on Marco Island, a week back in Orlando, and a final week back at SurfWatch on Hilton Head Island.  We went by car, so there was VERY little interaction with others.  I wore my mask and face shield when I bought gasoline, and we ordered takeout meals when we weren't cooking in our kitchen (fully-stocked) at the villas.  Even though we didn't go out to do "vacation" things, we did have the opportunity to ride our bicycles and take walks, and that beat the HECK out of the alternative: staying inside in a freezing Pittsburgh!

So.. glad to hear you're on the list and will be joining the ranks of the "protected!"

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Two days from Poittsburgh to Orlando!  Just the thought makes me tired. I cant drive more than 5 hours, don't know how I lasted 10 hours going to Canada. Smart of you to not stay at just any hotel. Id be nervous as well, and I was nervous coming here when driving to Ohio last July. 

  Thanks! I'm glad Im scheduledt too. 


We have two drivers, so it's not as bad as it looks.  :-)

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