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I remember posting these, found a new one. They say the craziest things. :D. do you remember when you were this age and trying out new food?  Would your parents make you eat it?  I think Id eat anything just to please them, but not all of it. 

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Cute. The food block was surprisingly well received.  That probably explains it.  Kids don't like flavor.  Unless it is what they are used to.

My parents just required us to try things.  If you ate one tiny bite and said no, you didn't have to eat any more.  Ever.  

But as my father used to say "If you don't see anything that you want to eat, dinners over".  I found that you could eat most things covered in catchup.  Except lima beans.  My father liked lima beans so mom cooked them often.  Inedible.

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They're cute in that video, yes. You're right about kids only liking foods they are used to. That's why parents have to catch them when they're young to introduce them to many things. My nephew has his kids eating sushi and they love it. I remember giving my little Jackie some fried clams when she was about 3. She liked them, and she was eating meat then and other things.Today she's a vegetarian.So...

Whats wring with lima beans? I think they're not that flavorful, I've not had them as much as your folks did, but you can add olive oil to them, a little salt and so on (spices like garlic, onion powder) and have the in a salad. I grew up on the pinto beans and red kidney beans, and my sister hated them., Today she'll have them with rice. 


Most beans, like pinto or red are pretty flavorless.  They absorb what flavor they are cooked with, like ham or chili.  But lima beans are mush green things that taste bad.  Mom used to cook them with a ham bone, but they were and are just vile.  I still pick them out of anything that I find them in.  Lol

On the other hand, I don't like sushi.  But do like fried clams.  Or smoked oysters, but other oysters I cannot get down.  It isn't the flavor, it is the texture.  


Those slimy oysters are hard to eat, I agree. 

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Donald Trump likes nothing burgers.

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Lol that’s true - these little kids have a more sophisticated palate than Trump does. Nothing but Big Macs and overcooked steak smothered in ketchup for that 70 year old toddler! 

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When I was a child I realize I had a strange priority for food:



Sight -they must appear edible!

No lumps, no foul smell at least appear edible! Sauces or condiments such as butter, cheese or being in a soup often added flavor ie. Lima beans, broccoli and Asparagus!

I automatically started a gag reflex being anywhere near a seafood display. Downtown Dayton,Ohio had an indoor shopping experience called the  Arcade!  Unfortunately as soon as the doors opened to this venue the smell permeated even ones scarf making the experience unbearable! To this day I still have that experience with any seafood. Liver also. It smells like something died!

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My Mother often got a live chicken at a livery in NYC. We'd always have to go with her as we were too young to be alone. My kid brother, couldn't stand the smell of cheese, let alone the stench from that place. So he often got sick right outside the place. 

   Liver-- I used to cook it with lots of garlic, onions, salt & pepper and then red wine. It tastes like a steak to me. I can't have it anymore for health reasons. 

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