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body...  or vice versa...

I am 50.  I feel 30.  

So--I suppose I'm actually 40?


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I've heard it said that 60 is the new 40.  That makes me Forty-Twelve, I think...

How do I *feel*?  Some days, I feel 15 years younger than my chronological age.  Some days, I feel as if tomorrow might be it.  

So I live day to day thanking God for each one.  :-)

EDIT:  Maturity Age:  ah, probably still in the teen years often.... LOL

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I am 68 and feel physically 98. 

Mentally when I can escape the physical pain... I marvel how much I have retained of my *true self* and some spring afternoon I close my eyes and I am decades younger.

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Mindwise I feel about 40.  40 was pretty good so feeling 40 is fine.

Unfortunately, my body is 73, and feels pretty close to that age.  Nothing works quite like it should.  I have had 4 back operations, gall bladder removed, section cut out of my intestine, wear bifocals, and have three none repaired hernias.  

I  can still ski and as long as medical science stays ahead my problems I should be ok. Lol.

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I'm 28 but feel 50!!

What is your secret?

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