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Am I the only one who wants tik tok to wither and die like it's predecessors vine and musically?  

Okay this needs to be said:  If you are an adult tik tocker you ain't cool and you sure as hell ain't hip.

Stop embarrassing yourselves!     

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I don't know why Tiktok has received a bad rap, but I am entertained by it. I watch bird watchers who have wild birds ( like bllue jays) eating out of their own hands, people talking about politics (some are funny and some are very truthful to me), beautiful scenery, and people dancing as well as playing instruments. I've shared many of these online with others. Now I don't like the constant advertisements that go on.

    And beleve me, a lot of the older tiktokkers make more sense than the younger ones. I don't mind these folks dancing too, because some of them are better that the younger ones with that. Lets not shame older folks--age is just a number!  Who is to say how people should act a certain way because of their ages? Should they be all quiet and grumpy and set tin their ways?  Id rather know a person young at heart and full of life, than the latter. 

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