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She's still a hard core conservative Republican that voted with dear leader 90% of the time. 

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4 Answers

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I’m no fan of any of the Cheneys, but what is concerning is that she’s being ousted because she won’t lie and she won’t suck Trump’s wanker in regard to the insurrection and his “stolen election” bullshit. The GOP has really become North Korea Light, where fealty to Dear Leader is required above all. That is very very bad for our country. 

by (2,454,620 points)
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It's tough at the top. Oh well.

by (4,042,291 points)
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She is the token woman in the GOP picture op.  It used to be bimbo Rogers, but even she apparently got tired of sucking top penis, and quit.  Then they got liz and she apparently doesn know when to keep her mouth shut and swallow.  But there is another woman from NY that really thinks Kevins penis looks great. Kevin sucks trump, she sucks kevin.  Sort of blowjob by associstion.

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That’s politics for sure

The Democrats under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership march in lock step to the radical agenda. One wrong vote and threats of reprisals are issued. No political funding for them!

Both parties lean on the members to back what them deem is a critical vote!

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You are so right

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