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A True Story. Opens tomorrow( Fri May 21) at your favorite Cinema

Watch trailer !

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If it comes around here, I certainly would, Blue Jay. It sounds similar to "Dark Horse". I just checked and while Dark Horse is a documentary, Dream Horse is movie based on the same story. 

by (15,660 points)

Thanks for the info ponygirl !


That is correct ponygirl, Dream Horse looks to be more intriguing due to it being a movie.


You are welcome, Blue Jay! Loved Dark Horse!


Yes, SandyGirl! Dream Horse should be great because I loved Dark Horse! 


Thanks for BA Blue Jay!!


At your service Kid!


I saw this movie a few weeks ago and loved it!! 

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Yes, I'm definitely intrigued. I noticed that Dream Alliance is a small race horse, just like one of my all times favorites Flower Alley. Remember Flower Alley Blue Jay? He was the winner of the Travers Stakes at my beloved Saratoga Racecourse in 2005. Flower Alley is the sire of the 2012 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner I'll Have Another. I learned to never underestimate the small race horses, they often become BIG WINNERS.  

I just watch Seabiscuit again the other night. What a great cast & crew!

by (102,790 points)

Yes SandyGirl ! Carry Back proved that !

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I'll watch it. I think my wife will enjoy it more than me. She had me watch Secretariat with her many times on her movie choice night. I'm more of hard stance sports type then a sentimental one. I enjoyed the television series on HBO called LUCK when it was on staring Dustin Hoffman. I was disappointed when it was cancelled but I understand why they did.

by (49,950 points)

I remember JSC ! Great Show!

+3 votes

Yes. If I can just stop horsing around.

by (4,067,241 points)

Lol! Nay! Never stop horsing around!

: )

+2 votes

SAM is interested. I hope it's on Netflix. Thanks Blue Jay.

by (34,380 points)

You are very welcome Sam!

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