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It seems I'm hearing more about it on the news and there seems to be a great cover up, which is being uncovered by airplane pilots, servicemen, etc who have come foward to say they have come across things in the sky which weren't airplanes or anything from us. These "vehicels" will have a weird shape and go across the sky at high speeds, much faster than an airplane would. I remember several years ago, listening to a podcast on one of the airplane pilots who had witnessed something like this and he was told to keep quiet about it (by whom I forgot), and later retired but before he did, he made that poscast because he felt othres should know about it. 

   Do you think its nonsense, something that is known but kept secret to avoid public hysteria, or is it a sign of the times? One thing is for sure to me. If these are truly alien ships in the sky--and they have come to earth and been here seen or unseen--they are much smarter than we think they are--and perhaps smnarter than we are. 

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10 Answers

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They most certainly do exist imo!

Here is a link to some stories you might want to read.

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Interesting stories Blue Jay! I have not yet  experienced this phenomenon.


I agree that they do exist as well, Bluejay! Thanks for the link. 

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What we do know is, if such things exist they haven't actually tried to communicate with us (yet) or us them. While there's some bizarre unbelievable stories those don't count, lol. There's no doubt a whole lot is going on in our above universe, the cosmos; shooting stars, meteors, galaxies, and what's in that black hole anyway? Lol. I'm thinking that all I mentioned, and much more is mistaken for what many call aliens. The truth is there's a lot that we don't know, yet anyway! 

Without a doubt a very Interesting question, Amy!

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Some that have been abducted, say that they communicate via  telepathy. I don’t know, I say just because we haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist as well. 



As I stated in my answer above, there's a lot we don't know yet. The fact is, there is not yet definitive evidence for or against extraterrestrial life on other planets. I find the subject quite interesting, but other than that I have no strong feelings on this one way or another. Not having strong feelings is unusual for me, as I have great intuition/insight. My gut feeling is always spot on, and is always my compass. I'm in no way a follower without definitive evidence. I absolutely agree that things could exist that we don't know about. I just don't know. I'm a hard egg to crack when my natural intuition doesn't jump out at me, lol.There's a lot of exciting stories out there, unfortunately, none are proven true. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more as science continues these studies. Science/Biology was always my best subjects in school/college, so my ears are definitely pricked, lol. Thank you for the intriguing subject, Amy.


Agreed. Yes, we may never know. But I would be making an arrogant statement if I were to say  that life on other planets doesn't exist. There IS definitive evidence from what these pilots have witnessed, whether people care to believe them or not. There are reasons we don't know for sure about the subject, and I believe the government has much to do with that. I have a keen interest in the subject and I believe the pilots and servicemen who have testified and have footage of these UFO's.  The topic is more subjective because of the lack of knowledge and evidence to us-- the public----but not to those who have witnessed things or had experiences with it.  For now, all we can do is wait. 

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Certainly there is life outside of us.  Maybe even intelligent life.  It is conceivable that some of it is older than life on earth and knows how to get past the speed of light so they could come visit us.

But, I wonder why they would come here.  If half of the reports are true about seeing alien space ships, we seem to be on the grey line tour of the universe, and earth is just not that interesting.

Anyway, I think that alien life exists.

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I agree. Why are they here? To discover, to observe, to learn just as we are trying to learn about life on Mars. Maybe they want to help mankind. 


Much like we have captive ant colonies, they have planet earth.   I seriously doubt that they want to help us.  Maybe prevent us from hurting them.

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Most likely aliens exist. 

But when they pass by they look at how inferior and dangerous we are, lock up their space craft doors and keep on moving.   

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Could be the first thing they see is your

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Google “The Phoenix Lights” for some cool UFO stories. I remember when it happened - the whole city went nuts. 

I am open minded about alien life. The universe is so vast… that makes it seem unlikely that earth is the only planet that supports life. There may even be life forms out there which are so different from us, that we wouldn’t even recognize them as life. 

As far as UFOs go… some of them are probably Russian and/or Chinese air craft they won’t admit to, because they don’t want us to know about them. The rest? Who knows? Maybe they’re Vulcans, Asgard or Daleks! (From Star Trek, Stargate, and Dr Who respectively) 

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I’ll have to look up The Phoenix Lights. 

   I’m not sure about the UFOs being Chinese or Russian aircraft from what these pilots mentioned. It was just phenomenal and I wish the podcasts were still around. They were taken down somehow. 


I read that Phoenix Lights article, simply amazing. SO much is hidden, I think most.y because the public is not ready to handle such things. That's why the skepticism, which I also think comes from fear. 

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I need more proof but I'm open to the idea.

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The thing is, we don’t know or believe what we can’t see or have proof of. But the topic itself is almost taboo because of all the ridiculous stories made in the tabloids, and govt has prevented things from being known because they fear a mass hysteria from the public. 

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I think it is real; have seen a lot of strange hit  which we are told is not real.   I will say the Government is lieing

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When we talk about life on other planets, we generally consider the life on our sun's planets. What about the life that exists in the planets of millions of suns (each star you see in the sky is a sun having its own light and energy) millions of light-years away..Nobody should think that life exists only on the planets of our sun. That is mind-boggling. There would be civilizations much better than that of ours or maybe worse also on these planets... Because of the physical distance, human beings can't know. So be humble we know so little
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Socrates: the wise man knows he knows nothing. 

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Aliens control my washing machine. Odd socks don't disappear all by themselves. Hello?!

by (4,083,291 points)

The same thing happens to me. I’m going to start tying them somehow before they’re laundered. 


LOL! Well, that definitely explains the years of missing socks then. It's been an ongoing mystery. I thought all this time that my washing machine was hungry! 

P.S. The missing socks are actually in the inner outer tub. Where they like hanging out at the local sock pub, lol.. I learned this tidbit from a appliance repairman; when there's too much clothes put into the washing machine the socks get pushed into this area. When he removed these parts that's where they all were. The problem after was to find the missing matches. Lol!

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I saw my first and only most likely extra terrestrial space craft when I was12 years old. It was 1965 and I saw it close enough during daylight not to be confused about other celestial bodies or other aircraft.

It was saucer shaped, metallic and hovered in place above a residential neighborhood( mine) When it sped up to leave it went from overhead to the horizon in abt a second!

No one was flying that shape of craft or at those speeds in 1965. I saw it with my Dad. Later that evening he made me promise not to repeat that story to anyone!

He was in WWll and had seen every imaginable type of aircraft and their capable speeds. Even he knew it wasn’t a meteor, comet etc.

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Wow, I'm so glad you told about this here!  The same type of description was told by airplane pilots, servicemen and others (I believe an astronaut, but cant be too sure) when they described how fast whatever they saw in the sky went from point A to B (where point B was somewhere out there). The astronaut was told not to say a thing to anyone (but when he retired, he did). The objects seems perfectly still, then moved at great speeds, much faster than an airplane. Were you spooked, amazed, or perplexed?  It'ss good that you saw it with someone else, which shows you weren't dreaming. Thanks for posting, L4U. 

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