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In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?

in Daily Life by (98,750 points)

7 Answers

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What comes first to my mind when answering this question, is copies of special photographs of my family ties. I would do this, as an obligation to my beloved family, should there be an afterlife to connect to. Included, would be separate photographs of my true friends, and my beloved assorted animal family that I've loved over the years. I have some precious jewelry that has been passed down for many years as well. Though I'd leave a few behind for those in this life. These are the things I'd like to take for my serenity! 

by (127,230 points)

Great answer SandyGirl !


Thank you Blue Jay! Us handicapper types can be quite analytical, lol! How about you? What's on your list in this scheme of things? Lol.


Same as you SandyGirl ! ( Except for the valuable jewelry i don`t have

+1 vote

A case of condoms. 

It is supposed to for all eternity, so better make it a train load.

by (1,556,270 points)


+1 vote

All of my knives. 

I don't leave home without at least one!  

by (48,200 points)

LOL! Do you mean knives OR wives!?! 

Of course, I'm just kidding! 

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First of all, I do not think the practice is supported by reason as with death everything ends. The physical body disintegrates, the soul goes to another existence according to many religions. In that existence, the  materials items can not be utilized by the soul

by (3,550 points)

That's what my uncle who died and came back 4 years after his death said. 

All kidding aside that's what my religion teaches also. The question is obviously hypothetical and not to be taken seriously.

+2 votes

My laptop. Of course.

by (4,083,291 points)

You kidding? What about clothes? Food & finance. 


Oh yeah. Forgot about those. Thanks.

+3 votes

I have 2 cats and 170 pairs of shoes… they’re coming with me or I’m not going. 

by (2,466,190 points)

My wife would agree with that, exactly.


I'm gonna build a shoe rack and it's gonna be huge.


Is Mexico gonna pay for it, Blue???


JPT Butt of course.

+2 votes

My wife said she wants to go, should I let her? Ha! Other than her, I would take my PC/Laptop because practically my whole life is on that and my favorite hat. I like the photos idea, so some of those too. I think I'll need something to snack on since I'm always grazing, that would be a stick of pepperoni and hot pepper jack cheese, my favorite snack. All hypothetical, of course!

by (48,240 points)
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