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When you turn on your TV every morning and watch the "main stream" media, especially here in the UK you will notice they are always arguing. Why is this? This is because we must make everything men against women, blacks against whites, covid believers against non covid believers, whatever the situation. What happened to live and let be hey? 

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6 Answers

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People love drama. If you look on IMDB, drama genre typically rates high compared to others. It's true in real life as well, people love a good argument. The media gives people what they want.

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I suppose, but take GMB for example every day they find something to argue about and it is always something personal, like race, relgion, skin colour, gender its always negative. 


And a good news story has been a token article in the tabloids for decades.

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Unfortunately,  this type of negative news produces more revenue. The truth is people prefer a fight. It's a money maker.  Media is filled with delusional lies, conspiracies, and anything goes propaganda. People are addicted to drama, as indicated. Especially political drama. Personally, I stay away from it like the disease that it is. I warn people all the time that drama is definitely contagious. When I do occasionally watch it I find myself laughing because it's so ridiculous. No wonder SNL does so well. LOL!  

The "live and let live" way of showing toleration is a more practical, and a kinder way to go through life. And, the one I prefer to live by. 

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Most people never so much as contemplate just how obsessed with conflict the entire human race is, but to the few of us that do and especially those that are directly affected by the celebration of such things, it's all disgusting! 

I'm growing more and more disgusted of being a part of this modern human-race because instead of us all working together on making everyone's life, the planet and everything on and around it better, what do we do?

We focus on our differences, we seek them out and point them out wherever we can.  For example: What exactly is the purpose of all sports, if it's not to bring satisfaction to the sadist in everyone on the winning side? At the expense of everyone on the 'losing' side...

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I agree with everything you said up until you got to the sports part. Thank God for sports! Being a good sport win or lose is what it's all about and what counts.

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The media never created it, mankind did with distinctions between race, gender, and class. Rewarding those who have and shitting on those who have not, more often than otherwise. The media reinforces these distinctions because controversy sells..... anything forcing a challenge of stigmatized beliefs will create that tension. 

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KIng you are right the media never created it, the media just exploited. 

My old Softball team was pretty much evenly mixed and we have discussed this online - a lot.  We thought things were getting better.  Over the last 10 years the rhetoric from the tails of the right and the left have changed the discussion radically.  The hatred spewed by both tails is something when we were in our 20's never would have been published.

Saddens me greatly


Archer, truth is that most of the instances we see today wouldn't have exposure because some are ignorant/indifferent to the shit. Granted, the overly sensational or appalling cases will make the news.... yet, little changes to prevent it from happening again. So the fight goes on. 


KIng if I am reading your correctly, agreed  Take care freind and stay safe

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In short to make money.  One hundred years ago it was called Yellow Journalism.  It plays to peoples fears and exploits divisions.  People will spend money and give support to that which they think protects.

In short focusing prompting the general good is a mosey loser.  If we broke up the Media Conglomerates we might start seeing different and less strident points of view.

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<This is because we must make everything men against women, blacks against whites, covid believers against non covid believers, whatever the situation. What happened to live and let be hey? >

    I'm not sure I understand your question entirely. What do you mean above when you say, "we must make"?  That's the reality, not media. There is racsim that exists, there are thoase who continue not to believe in Covid19 nor care to take measures about it, and so on. The media reports whatevert is going on and you have a right to listen to it or not.  I don'rt know about you, but I'd rather be informed than not. I can judge what is not real and what is from what I have seen in life myself. 

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