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I think it was Madman but I could be wrong. However a friend of mine just told me this yesterday. His neighbor who lives across the street recently lost his father a few weeks ago. Now the neighbor is saying to my friend ( I belong to a Chinese Tea and Culture group is how I met this person btw) that he hears heavy feet, like someone wearing boots, going up the stairs at night. It happens almost every night. And the topper: he got a text message from his father on his cell, saying he was OK. 

   What do you think of that? The neighbor has a lively imagination or ???  


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Shit happens. Someone's gotta deal with it and who ya gonna call?

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I'm going to call GHOSTBUSTER, of course! LOL!

Another great movie starring Bill Murray! 



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Several years ago my sister in law and her idiot boyfriend lived in an actual haunted house. 

Of course I was skeptical....

Until a picture flew off the wall .

I was in the room when it happened. 

No, it didn't fall straight down. 

Outward about 2 feet.   

In 2009 I lived in a house where 3 teen girls were murdered.   

Look up Lawrence Michael Hensley. 

A fully latched screen door would open.

The voices.  I heard them once while trying to sleep. 

That freaked me out.  

I'm not crazy!  

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I believe you!  The same thing happened to my younger sister. She and her husband lived in a house that used to belong to her in-laws. It was left to them when the mother-in-law died. Jimmy, my brother-in-law, had his father die in that house due to a tragic accident. He was his father's favorite. Just like my friend's neighbor, they would hear footsteps gong up at night and down through the back steps (the house had steps leading up to bedrooms and then came down on the opposite side). They were having breakfast one morning, and there was a wooden rack with silver spoons on the wall. As they were eating, one of the silver spoons just lifted and flew across the room. They were surprised, but kept on eating as they were used to things happening. My sister laughed as she told me the story, but I would have flipped out.  

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