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I was really surprised when traveling in Latin America how different each of the individual countries were in spite of their closeness.

I felt verry comfortable in San Jose, Costa Rico. The people’s affectionately call Tico’s were exceptionally friendly. The open market with fresh field picked fruits and vegetables was delightful. The citrus was beyond compare and moderate temperatures were fantastic.

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I find that places where the people are warm, friendly, and helpful to be most appealing.

Canada is great.  Beautiful, and once you get away from the US border, everyone is great.  Along the border, it is too much like home.  lol.

Iceland is fantastic.  Everyone wanted to help.  Besides being beautiful, the people are really really nice.

my wife is German, so for her it is home, and they treat me like family.  Lol

italy has always been nice.  Sometimes they aren't helpful, but they want to be.

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I've never been to a foreign country that seemed almost like home. They all seemed foreign to me! Not that I didn't love the countries, people and experiences there, but I never felt like any of them were anything like home. Which is good because that's the reason I went there - to see something totally different from what is familiar. 

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I could never feel at home with countries I visit because they all seem so much nicer than what I'm used to, unfortunately. I always wish I lived in those places I have seen outside the US. England was very nice as few days as I was there, and I loved the sights of the picturesque mountains and homes in Spain and the warm people. However, I do feel "at home" with the people when I visit Puerto Rico, because that's where my cousins are and sharing stories about our lives and past history is always nostalgic. 

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I absolutely loved Jamaica. 

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I have traveled the World and lived in Hon Kong, Paris, Vienna, NYC, Minnesota and many others.  Home is where you make it.  It does not matter where you go to you have to adapt.

I have loved my experiences in Cape Town, Melbourne, Sydney, Santiago, Mendoza and most places in the EU 

Least favorite Afghanistan, Pakistan, most of Central Africa, the Horn of Africa, Saudi and the Emirates.

Porto in Portugal is a place I could live if I were not in Vienna.  My Cousins Vineyard outside of Mendoza in Argentina is fantastic.  Minneapolis-St.Paul are always home, my okdest daughter lives there and many family members are there.

Tough question

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