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I have had a raging temperature from Fri and finally presented myself to the hospital at 8 pm last night. It turns out my wound is infected. They are pumping in antibiotics and it seems they will put a drain in 

This will delay the start of my chemotherapy but there is leeway there and as you all know you need to be tip top for it.

I can honestly say I have never felt so ill, and with no disrespect, if they had told me I had 10 mins to live I would have thanked God.

Anyway, here comes the tea, speak soon.

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I think infections happen a lot. My Mom got one when she had breast cancer. Not nice though and they really knock you about. Get well soon. And thanks for the update. I look forward to hearing you've beat this.

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Belle I’m sorry about this infection but glad to see they are common, like Blue says. No doubt they have put you on some strong antibiotics. I hope you get better and recover soon. Hang in there and thanks for the update. 

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I'm very sorry this update is not the one I'd like to hear. The good news is the use of strong antibiotics and drainage is very successful, and will help you in moving forward.  Here's wishing you strength as you feel stronger with each new day! 

Here's a joke for you to make you smile!

Why does a duck have tail feathers?

~ To cover his butt quack!


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Well, that sucks. 

Both the infection, and the fact that you waited.

But the good news is that most infections are treatable with antibiotics, and being in the hospital is a good place to get treatment.

I have done this.  Waited too long and then felt like I was going to.die and didn't really care.  

Hospitals worry most about infections.  My last stay was one day to.avoid catching something.

Good luck.

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Wishing you better days!

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Oh, crap, GB. I’m so sorry you’re having a tough time. Cancer is hard enough to deal with without getting an infection to make it worse. 

I’m glad you went to the hospital- it’s exactly where you need to be. Hopefully the antibiotics will have you healed and feeling better soon.  

Sending you good thoughts, my friend. Keep us posted. 

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I wish I could say something insightful and helpful, but everyone has said what I would say.  Get better.  Do what the doctors tell you.  Stay positive.  Know that you are loved.

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GB sorry to hear the news.  We have had our spats, however you are goo of heart.  I do hope the NHS cares for you to the best.

Note, with the Travel Restrictions I person ally cannot deliver a dram.Wish we could..... Do you have a Deliver a Dram Website, we cannot find one

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Take good care of yourself. Perhaps this is an indication of your deep fatigue.

Keep a thermometer close by. 

Do you have any friends or family who can help you?

Your a proud woman, don’t forget to ask for help!

I’m truly sorry to hear this Belle.

Get well.

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I'm at home now but still fighting the infection. I had to have the wound reopened in part and packed with, and this is what they called it, a seaweed dressing yesterday and I have to go back this morning to see if that worked.

That's preferable to being an inpatient, at least I get to sleep in my own bed.

Thank you for your kind words. 


You must take good care of yourself even tho you feel to tired to care. Don’t give up! Hopefully you feel better very soon

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I'm sorry to hear about your current challenges but I fully believe you will be completely restored in health. Hang in there and positive energy your way...

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