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It's Friday and cause for celebration for me. 

My move was fine, if it wasn't for the dog and the bug he picked up before the move. I cleaned up the apartment well after the movers had brought the things in to the new place, and when I came back to get the pets and return the keys, Bailey had thrown up all over the floor and had the runs too. :(.   So I had to clean up the floor again and he was still sick in the new place. Add the fact that I didnt have a washer/dryer set yet, so I couldn't clean up with towels and had to use paper towels, and having a funeral to go to as well--you know I wasn't having a fun time. The kicker was that my plane had landed in Washington DC for an hour stay over before getting to PA for the funeral, and there was an electrical storm there at the time, so we couldn't get off the ramp which was metal. So we stayed inside the plane for about an hour until the storm cleared. It would have been fine had it not been for a very noisy family who was seated right behind me.  <sigh!!!> 

   Well its all over now, things are fine and I can finally relax. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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I'm glad it worked out in the end. Hope the pooch gets better soon.

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Thanks, Blue. All is ok now, and now for the unpacking, always fun. LOL

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Hopefully your doggie gets better. You've had a hell of a move but sounds like you're beginning to settle in

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Yes, it was crazy, King. Its finally all quiet. The dog's better, thanks!

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When it rains it pours then the rainbow comes to brighten the day. I hope Bailey gets well soon.

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True saying.  Murphy's law: It might as well get worse when things are bad. 

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Yikes. Sounds stressful, Amy, I hope all is better today, especially your poor sick puppy. 

My Friday was busy - my sister visited last week and she hit something with my car - it really did a number on the front passenger side of the vehicle.  

So yesterday was all about bringing it to the body shop, getting a rental car,  dealing with insurance agents…. I was pretty ticked off, but it was an accident and she was so sorry she was nearly in tears. Shit happens, right? 

And yes, she’s going to reimburse me for the deductible and any other out of pocket expenses the insurance company doesn’t cover. 

Then I took Horus to the vet only to find out his ear infection still isn’t gone. I wonder if I could get one of Biden’s child credit payments for my cat….? 

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Thanks JPT.  He is slowly getting better, but his hind legs are giving out on him. I’m worried he won’t be able to walk one day. 

   Awww, at least your sister is going to help you out with the car. That’s a pain, dealing with insurances for cars. Good luck with Horus, poor thing. Child credit payment?? Lol

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