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I was treated terribly by my colleagues in the past. I was scapegoated, dumped on, gas lighted. This was during a period when my self esteem was in the gutters and I was unable to stand up for myself. I keep getting flashbacks and I am really scared about encountering them in the future. How did you feel when you encountered this individual? I know they will try to insult me and take advantage of me again if we were to meet. How do I gain control in future? 

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Yes, a few at school reunions, who ironically I eventually became friends with. They said I'm not at all like what they thought I was, lol.. whatever that means?

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Yes. I once worked in an office with a team of girls. Most were nice, and low key. There was one I will call G, a vivacious short girl who had a good job and made sure everyone knew she was making more money than our friends. Showy offy type, trying to act cute in front of the men, etc. She in fact introduced me to my husband. But she wasn’t a nice girl, When I began going places with my ex, she acted jealous, I think because she and her boyfriend didn’t go out much. So when a new girl came into the office, those two took a dislike to me and treated me like crap. I couldn’t wait to leave the place ( I was going to school part time and then got a grant  to go full time). When I left I took my boss out to eat with my then fiancé. We mentioned her, the short cute girl, and my boss said the following: “ She thinks she’s irreplaceable. Wait until she finds out no one will replace her—we’re going to have Janet take her place ( the new girl) instead.  She was leaving too. I was floored from what he said. It turned out she was pissed off she wasn’t being replaced because her job was so important. 

    I never did see her again, but learned she was disowned by her own children. Why, I don’t know. I didn’t ask because I couldn’t care less. 

   So you see, those people who mistreated you will get theirs. Karma comes back. Avoid them if you can— but don’t worry if you run into them. Let them know all is great with you, they’ll hate that fact. If they tease you, just tell them you don’t fall for that anymore, smile, and walk away. 

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Yes many times and many places. When I meet these folks I am polite, distant however never hostile  If they are loooking for trouble that is on their head not mine.  Generally they have dug their grave and are slowly dying in it.

Revenge is a dish best served cold if at all. 

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Only one stands out.  He was a jerk and asshole in high school.  I met him many many years later.  He started trying to be abusive right away by telling me he remembered me from high school and i had not changed.  I told him that he had not changed either.  He was still a jerk and asshole.  It seemed to take him back and he left.  Ok with me.  I never wanted him as a friend.

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I haven't really met anybody who called themselves trying to bully me back in the day. I'm definitely not going for any of that now. 

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