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Is it 10days from the start of symptoms or 10days counting from the day you started feeling better? 

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2 Answers

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I thought it was at least 2 weeks, to a month. I know that if anyone tests positive for it, they should stay at home, particularly if they're not vaccinated. As far as I know, a relative of mine, a woman friend of my family, and many other acquaintances have had it. My cousin had to be hospitalized a bout a month, the lady family friend almost didnt make it and was sick at least a month, and the rest of acquaintances died. My brother alone knows 5 people who died, all friends at a senior art class he goes to. 

   It's a serious illness and with the Delta variant growing in cases each day, I would recommend staying at home and having people do things for you as much as possible. Avoid going out. 

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Thats so awlful:( I am so sorry to hear that. Were they vaccinated? No judgment just trying to figure out what to do. I have two family members fighting covid right now. Its so scary


Thank you.  The older people who died, I think the vaccine was not developed yet. They died last fall. I’m not sure of the family friend who had it, but I know my cousin did not vaccinated while he was in Texas. He was pretty bad off. That was last summer.  

  It’s never too late to be vaccinated, and it’s very easy. 


Amy, I know this sad experience all to well due to my own. My condolences to you and to your family.


Sorry Amy.


Thank you, Sam. 

+1 vote

It was 14 days then down to 10 days. I'll take the extra mile making it 28 days.

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