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Pisses me off like at first I get the lame jokes, but its been MONTHS now and getting called "pieface" as a nicename off friends and goons is seriously pissing me off. It was a semi altercation, I grabbed her hair, she then stood on my foot and pushed a cream cakepie in my grill. My couple of my friends who were there bring it up loads, you wouldd honestly think im the only girl to of had a fight fml.

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Yikes. I'm guessing your friends either joke about it because they don't know it bothers you, or because it gets a rise out of you (or maybe a little of both?). If it's the former, maybe just be real and say you don't like the nickname and want to move on from the incident. If they're good friends they should respect your wishes and move on. If it's the latter, you can stop it by changing up how you react when people bring it up. You basically change the rules of the social game. You either fully accept the identity as part of who you are and joke about it along with them, or you completely act ambivalent about it like it doesn't even phase you. Either way, you're taking away the "power" of what this nickname/incident has over you by either claiming it for yourself or fully dismissing it altogether as if it were never even there. But, that's an internal, mental switch you have to make within yourself first.

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Does my head in I even get it on my political meetings, is it even a fight ffs Its something and nothing really winds e uo my own mother is the worst for it. 


It wasnt a fight was it


It's most certainly a physical altercation from the way you described it. And there are plenty of people who have never really had a physical altercation (or maybe not even really witnessed one firsthand). So it's possible that for a lot of people in your life, this was a big deal. Not to mention there was a pie involved, that makes for quite the memorable occasion.

I think some self evaluation is necessary as to why you're so upset about people still bringing it up. Is it about the fact that they're insulting you, or or maybe the fact that you don't want to be remembered by/reduced to this one incident? Do you have any close friends who were there that you can have a real conversation about this with?


Yeah my best friend she like helped clean me face up at the time but was smirking and sinse has carried it on in the group chat, or even when out for drinks in our friendship circle. Iknow but ie seen them in the past not too many and not my friends but I have still. 

Would you? In what way? What would you class it as? Do you see my point or theirs and why?


Yeah both it is over the top and not justified.


Honestly I'm not sure I have enough context to pick a "side", and I personally don't think that's what's most important here. What's most important is that this is bothering you enough to post about it and seek guidance. Your feelings are absolutely valid, especially because the incident involved you! Your friends were just there, witnessing. It's easy for them to be removed and continue to joke and laugh because it's not a situation they were emotionally invested in (I'm assuming...). You say your best friend was there and helped you, but now she is perpetuating hurtful conversation. Why don't you talk to her about how you don't like the jokes, and how you want to move past it all? If she's a true friend, she'll help you work through it and understand and stand up for you in the friend group. But she can't step up and be there for you in that way if you're not voicing your needs.


I have, I tell her to wind it in all the time but she dont, but its now become my nickname "pieface" in the friendship circle. The context is we were arguing over her being petty over a chair, shes bitter over me and her ex having a fling. We argued for about thirty seconds she was on about me not wearing a mask also, then she made a tan jibe about my fake tan. So I grabbed her hair for a couple of seconds I like grabbed it and pulled it to the side, bt I had toe pole sandals on an she stood down on my foot with her minging chavy converse as she did that i lost grip and she grabbed the back o my head quickly and planted a cream pie in my face, half the store laughed, I started couging then said to staff "what you gonna do" then we had to walk all the way across town with my face forhead to chin in cream to get somewhere to clean up.

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I think it is pieface forever, or until you are 35, whichever occurs first.  It will stick with you as long as it bothers you.  People, your friends, only use it because they know it bothers you.  When you no longer react they will quit usng it.  Same with your mother.  

It was a fight, you lost.  Hahaha

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Hahahaha I love this answer


Are you for real? Nah I rise above it all the time, it just really annoys me but I keep a poker face. How was it a fight? A fight is a boxing match or two men or women punching eachother. I dont need or warrant the daily jibes, we all have arguements.


Ok pieface, if that is what you want to believe.


Get a life, was a little arguement everyone has arguements but not eveyone gets the stick I do for it


Poor baby.  I feel for you.  Maybe have a drink, and a piece of pie. 

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You act like you are in junior high. 

Grow up! 

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