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A little late for this but, what did you make today? Have you tried cooking anything that you saw somewhere lately?

    I hadn't had pretzels in a long time, soI made them, but had trouble with the 3 circular shapes difficult to do.  I also made soba noodles with mushrooms and other vegetables. 

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6 Answers

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I made a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich on my homemade bread.

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Sounds delish on that bread ! 

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Today I sauteed together in olive oil fresh garlic and onion, then added a medley of sliced mushrooms, sliced banana peppers, seasoned with a little black pepper, fresh oregano, and basil then added baby spinach last just to flash wilt. Then dish the medley over angel hair pasta. Finish with freshly grated pecorino romano cheese, and (optional) red pepper flakes. I, also, made homemade Italian bread to go with. White or red wine of choice. I chose to enjoyed a glass of Pinot Grigio.


(Yours sound very good, and interesting, Amy. I've never made homemade pretzels before).
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Very nice! Sounds like a great Italian meal. I made angel hair with garlic and olive oil, and had mussels on top of that, today. 

   Pretzels aren’t hard to make—I saw a simple recipe on YouTube, and my daughter once made them in a cooking class she took, but the shapes for me is tricky so I did my best. They’re good with milk or coffee! 


I definitely love the idea making homemade pretzels now. I'll check out YouTube. Maybe there's pretzel shape maker out there, lol. 

BTW: I love Angel hair pasta with garlic and olive oil and mussels too. I make all kinds pasta/Italian dishes.


I like Italian food. I think my fav is fettuccine Alfredo, and homemade sauce is the best : cream, butter, grated Parmesan or pecorino Romano, and a bit of pepper. 


Amy, I found a Pretzel making set, lol. The set actually includes a pretzel form! Exciting! It's called; 


I'll cut & paste what the kit consist of below.

Set includes:

  • Pretzel Dough Mix
  • Pretzel Mat
  • Pretzel Form
  • Dough Crimper
  • Silicone Basting Brush
  • I'm so excited about this. I'm going to get the set then find a pretzel dough mix, or look for a nice from scratch recipe (like you did) after I use the one included in the set. Or I may just buy the pretzel form separately, however, I do like the set idea to start. If you're interested in seeing the set just search ULTIMATE PRETZEL-MAKING-SET. There's may even be others sets out there too! I'll check to see later today.
  • Edit to add: I decided to check for other sets,  many options. Including an actual "pretzel maker" it's on the order off a waffle maker type appliance. I'm definitely making soft pretzel soon, lol.
  • : ) 


My wife would love this soft pretzel kit to share in some fun with the grand kids. Thumbs ups!


Thanks for the tip and information, Sandy, I’ll look at that kit. I’m not a “serious” pretzel maker by any means,  but it’s a good present for my youngest, who does bake a lot. I happened to be in the mood for some and had lots of time that day.  I hope you have fun with it, tell us how they come out. Thanks a bunch! 


Same!  I'm an extremely busy person, by choice so, this soft pretzel making thing is just something I'd like to experience just for the fun of it. Children I know would definitely enjoy this. Besides I'm just a kid at heart, lol.


When you use it let us know how they came out. You can make so many varieties of pretzels--soft, crunchy, etc. And the toppings, yum.

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I boiled a load of Broccoli then fried it in butter and added a good amount of ground black pepper.

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I love Broccoli and eat it daily atop a wee bit of bow tie pasta!

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Last night was egg roll bowls. Chopped up bok choy, cabbage, carrots, onions, ground sausage.  Flavored up with some soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic. Cooked in the wok and served over some rice. It's one of my favorites and it's super fast to make. 

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I often make egg rolls, so this quick recipe sounds delicious.


That sounds great Prodigal. I often cook with baby bokchoy or the Asian cabbage. I am growing more fond of buckwheat soba noodles, and Korean hot pots. 

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I made grilled Italian hoagie burgers with melted mozzarella cheese. Same ingredients and seasonings used as our family's meatball recipe but flatter like a burger but shaped oblong, then I but them on a fresh hoagie roll. I like mine garnished with romaine and a slice of a homegrown tomato and a slice of red onion, salt and pepper. Sometimes I use Italian red sauce instead, on the hoagie, like a meatball bomber.

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Delicious SAM! Tongue hanging out emoji, lol.. My family does the same but we make large meatball patties, then grill, bake or fry. We haven't used hoagie rolls but I find that interesting, we often use fresh baked Italian bread or fresh bakery rolls. We change it up by garnishing with varies toppings as well. Many options.


Wow, sounds very good. For some reason I thought of the Philadelphia cheesesteak hoagies when I began reading, but then see that its more like a fancy meatball hoagie. 

   PS I used to just say sub sandwich when I lived in NY, then I changed to hoagie sometime in NJ. 


Hoagie and submarine rolls are somewhat different, Amy. Hoagies are shorter with a flakey harder outer crust. Hoagies are associated with the American-Italian or Italian-American culture. Sub rolls are much longer, sometimes very long, reason for the name submarine sandwich. The roll is softer too. I prefer mine lightly toasted. Either way they are both sandwiches. Yes, I live in New York, and we call these type sandwich subs or sub sandwich. We, also, call a soda drink "pop" lol.


Ah, ok. I never knew the difference between the breads. I think I referred to all subs as sub sandwiches at one time. 

   In NY I never called soda “pop” but I remember the term soda pop. In the Midwest they call it pop, and while I was at the register checking myself out, a worker there asked me, “ Is that your pop?” I had to think about what she was on about, and then I saw her pointing to some soda someone had left behind. 


Amy, I spent the whole summer in WNY and they called soda "POP" too! Love your pop story, lol!

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Today isn't Wednesday but I made salsa roja to serve with pupusas tomorrow. I've made pretzels before, too, and they are pretty difficult to nail that perfect shape. At least they're tasty no matter what :)

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I’ve had pupusas before, and they’re delicious! 

Yes, you need practice to make those pretzel shapes. There must be a way to make them easier to shape.


Amy, not sure if you read SandyGirl commented on the soft pretzel kit that included a pretzel form. 


Yes, Sam, I  just I did. Not sure if it was there before. Thank you! 

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