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1.An electron leaves the negative terminal of a cathode ray tube and travels towards the 

positive plate starting from rest. The electric potential difference between the plates is 2x104

Volts. [mass of electron = 9.11x10-31 kg and the charge on an electron is 1.6x10-19C]

a. Draw a diagram.

b. Calculate the electron’s kinetic energy when it reaches the positive plate.

c. Calculate the electron’s velocity when it reaches the positive plate.

2. When a proton is moved against an electric field by an unbalanced force, what happens to 

the change in electric potential energy? Is it positive or negative? Explain using a diagram

and the concept of work

3. An electron is travelling horizontally at a speed of 1.5x106 m/s through two horizontal 

plates. It starts at the negative plate at the top. The plates are 10cm long and the electric 

field strength between the plates is 100N/C. Calculate the final velocity of the electron as it 

leaves the plates

4. At a certain point P in an electric field, the magnitude of the electric field is 12 N/C. 

Calculate the magnitude of the electric force that would be exerted on a point charge of 2.5 x 

10-7 C, located at P

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The answer is "Tuesday."  But be sure to show your work.

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Sending help now...

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