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0 votes

I don't know what the motive was that Julia Tomplestow had to kill president Daniel in American war by Omar el akkad

in Education by (50 points)

4 Answers

+2 votes

The motive was read the book and learn something new.

by (4,128,451 points)

hahahaha thts funny lol

+1 vote

Why didn't Julia like President Daniel?  That's your motive.  IF you have read it, you'll know.  If you haven't read it... well, now, that's pretty much the assignment, isn't it?

by (860,900 points)
0 votes


It's an essential question the book REVOLVES around.

by (974,350 points)
0 votes

Read the book and find out. 

by (2,478,850 points)
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