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How is your sense of time ?   

I've lost all my sense of time, and am wondering if anyone else has any ideas how to overcome the disorientation caused by it ?

Since my brain injury (coma) 3 years ago, I've become, more-so as of late, hyper-aware of just how disturbingly disorienting it is.  

For example; I literally can't tell if a certain event/experience happened to me earlier today or if it in fact happened a year (or more) ago ...  

I have a photo-graphic memory (certified as such by many medical professionals) and I think it's making this all that much worse because, like mentioned in my example above, I remember things in vivid (photographic) detail, and so with the event/experience I remember, there is nothing to differentiate it for me from a 'distant memory' to a 'it just happened ten minutes ago' memory.

Am I alone in this ?  Or is it, at least partly, yet another effect of this global pandemic ... ? 

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2 Answers

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I have to check what day it is and sometimes whether it is am or pm. But I think that's just my age.

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I’ve not heard of this, at least not being able to remember if an event happened today or a year ago. The only thing I experience is remembering what day of the week something took place, or when I had a certain meal. 

    I’m wondering if there are games you can play that will help strengthen your memory, that can help improve this. I play Words with Friends on my cell, but also use a word unscrambler to help with unscrambling letters to make words. It has kept my mind sharp. And believe it or not, the best thing that has kept my mind able to focus more, think more clearly, is fasting. I do intermittent fasting as often as I can, and find that I remember my dreams more clearly than when I don’t. I mean to the minute details. Also, stay away from sugar if you can. When I eat sweets, my memory, and ability to recall certain everyday events crumbles. 

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