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My daughter makes mini mince pies. I once made Xmas pudding, but it was so sweet for me that I had to stop making it. Delicious, though. 

    Right now I have to find a way to get the recipe for my late aunt's cookies. They were fruit filled, and some were also pecan butter balls. If anyone here knows  of  a recipe for some  rectangular cookies with a point at either end that had fruit filling in the center, please let me know. I'm going to YouTube to try to find them as well. 

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4 Answers

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It's a toss-up,  between Scuffles and Sweet-buns, both topped with good ole classic white icing, mmm mmm mmm ... !

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What are scuffles?  


Scuffles are cinnamon brown-sugar bread, rolled flat then cut into triangles then rolled up into little rolls and baked and then (optionally) given a smear of icing on one side. Done right, they are firm but soft,  just a little crispy and especially with a little icing, they are oh so so so tasty.

My Mom used to bake a bunch and my sister (teacher) would take them to work and give them out to all her students (grade ones) and I swear, my mom was famous all around town for her scuffles. 

My sister (along with my mom) would have a little annual baking event where my sister brought her kids over to help bake all those scuffles to give out this time of year, the kids loved baking them, I loved 'testing ' them and I gotta say, they all (my sister, my 2 nieces and 1 nephew) learned very very well.


They almost sound like the Pillsbury cinnamon crescent rolls that you bake. Mmm. I bet those students loved them. Nice that they baked them yearly for the town! 

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I like to create holiday drama.

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Wonderful. :D. Better than the usual boring stuff. 

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I've been tasked to make an English Triffle and I've never made one before. I guess as long as I get the custard right I can't go wrong.

I love love love mince pies with brandy butter. I wonder why I wait a whole year to have some lol 

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I’ll have to see what an English truffle ( not truffle??) looks like. I do like custard. 


Triffle. Its jelly, lady fingers,custard and fresh cream. You can add alcohol if you want, I'm not.


Sounds yummy. 

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Italian Cookies from scratch! All of them, lol! 

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