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The ones my aunt used to make. They are Polish, or from that area. Some say Chekoslovakia. Spelled it right??

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3 Answers

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Except chekoslovakia doesn't exist any more. The cheks and slovacs had a falling out and split tbe country a few years ago.  The name looks polish. 

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Spelled correctly, it is still the same problem.  The Czech republic, and Slovakia are two countries.


I thought it didnt exist anymore!  Maybe that's why I forget the spelling :D.   Now, where are Lithuania and Latvia at? Same area? 


Thanks Bluejay, for the correct spelling. 


Sandy, my favorites were raspberry and apricot filling. Odd, I didn't see a reply button on your answer. 


Yum! I love both too!

That is odd about the reply button being missing, very odd. Maybe I did something wrong? 

I don't see it either, huh?! I'll ask Blue. 


The comment button is there now, Amy. Is it for you?


Just looked and yes, comment is there. 


Latvia?  I am not positive.  Lithuania is up by the baltic sea I think.  Latvia may be with it. Lol


Wellone, I see that Latvia is between Lithuania and Estonia, right above Poland. A little geography for ya. 


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Those that you have pictured are definitely Polish, Amy. They are actually called Kolaczki. My sister in law changes up the filling, my favorite is raspberry.

I like Chrusciki aka Angel Wings, also Polish. My brother married a Polish girl, so we enjoy a lot of wonderfully delicious polish dessert too.

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I’ve seen the ones for angel wings online as well. Had those many years ago, very good they are. My favorite my aunt made were the Kolaczki, along with pecan balls. 

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My cousin Michael, my aunt’s son, found them online:

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Interesting is the difference in spelling. Here's my link: 

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