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And thank you for your friendship over the years.

Life isn't so bad when you get to share it with others. 

I always remember that no matter what I'm going through there are those who are having it harder than me.

All the very very best to all on AOR and your family 

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8 Answers

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So nice to have you here, Belle; it's been good knowing you as well. All the best to you, Merry Christmas. 

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+3 votes

Merry Christmas GB. It's an honour and a pleasure.

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+3 votes

Merry Christmas, Belle and Happy New Year too!

by (890,990 points)
+2 votes

I wish the best holiday season fot you and yours.

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Thank you, Belle!  All the best to you as well!

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Merry christmas.  May the new year be good.

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Happy holidays to you GB, & to all my AOR homies! Here’s wishing a better year & good health to us all in 2022. 

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I'm slowly catching up. Christmas is a busy time for me. In fact, I still have some family and two friends still staying with me as the weather conditions are not permitting for them to leave today as planned. Some only stayed one week, others wanted to stay longer. I love having them. It's a very pretty snowy day today. The decision was for them to hold off until tomorrow, which is looking to be a better travel day, though it will be very cold. 

I appreciate what you said, Belle. You're humble, which are my favorite type of people. I've been a member here since April of 2021. It's been  enjoyable for me too. There's been a few rough moments, and misunderstandings but misunderstanding are to be expected. "Build a bridge and get over it" is my Modus Operandi. I'm not sure where that saying came from, but I like it. 

Merry (belated) Christmas to you too, Belle. Here's wishing you the best in 2022. : ).

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