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What activity/experience (simple or not) do you do because of the visceral effect it has on you ?  

(to further define what I'm referring to) You may or may not be able to explain (to other people) why it affects you the way it does, but without it (at least occasionally in your life), it's like 'who you are' is malnourished ?  

(I would give examples but I don't want to lead your answer)

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6 Answers

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I do painting by numbers. I think its the most relaxing thing ever. I'm aware it seems childish but I enjoy it very much.

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I think it's great, Belle. Whatever you enjoy is definitely worth doing! 


I can attest to it being relaxing. :)

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Not always, but I often have claircognizant feelings. These feelings are totally unexpected deep feelings that can happen at anytime. They can be good or bad  or even radiate fear.. These feelings can happen when I'm driving, or while watching TV, or just resting. Sometimes they just pop in my head while working, cooking, reading, etc.. They interrupt my day and being. It could be about friends and/or family, or even those I don't know, like when walking by someone. This happens with animals too. I, often follow up on those feelings if I can  by checking in. Unrelated to that, I have deep inner feelings of joy when I help people. I especially enjoy my inner feelings when I make other people smile or laugh. Also, when I share my feelings. Depends on who I'm around or the situation, but I often have sentimental feelings, in every sense of the word. Also, there's a special feeling I get when I ride/race or when I'm around mine or others horses. The feeling is hard to describe to others who never experienced it. I, especially, enjoy the feeling of riding my horses almost every morning at the break of dawn. It's an intense workout too, that gives me a very deep satisfying feeling. Maybe best described as a feeling of being absolutely free, even better. It's a feeling that I believe I'm acctually addicted to. 

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I think I may have a touch of that. Looked up that word as I never saw it, and I have the characteristics. I also have many premonitions about some things, sometimes in the form of dreams. Interesting. 


So, you understand? I don't know too many people that have this. No doubt we could share some amazing authentic stories! : ).


I have those characteristics but the difference is--I don't suddenly have bad feelings about something and then subsequently something bad happens. So, my case is almost the same but not quite. For. example--I can tell when a person is not feeling right or having a problem, etc without them saying anything but just saying hello or whatever. I get vibes from people I meet. I always thought people had the same capability. Yours sounds a little like ESP. I don't think I have that.  

  What I do have, which I find odd, and it's happened since I was a kid--is dreams that come true or become real. For example, I once dreamt of family visiting from Brooklyn--family we rarely saw when I was small because they were far from us--and they came to visit the next day. We weren't expecting them. I've dreamt of my brother-in-law coming in through a door all dressed up in a suit--and I never dreamt with him. In the next few weeks, he had found a new job with a great company. I've also dream with the color white often, which I have heard means death. I dreamt that my brother's father-in-law was playing a white guitar (he did play btw) but the guitar was made out of plush material He died a year later.  One last recent one--I dreamt my aunt was in my home and I followed her down the steps to my living room--only to notice that two of my uncles who were already passed were following her going down the stairs. She sat down in a chair and looked verypale,  tired and weak, and my passed uncles sat nearby. A year later, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was very healthy otherwise. I kept dreaming of her in a white dress after this. With my own father in law---I kept having dreams that I was opening my door and there would be ice covering the ground. He died a year later.  One more surprising one --I dreamt I was in an elevator--and it came to a stop--and the elevator man told everyone to be careful going out. I came out to what looked like a different country in which the buildings were torn in half and lots of rubble around. It was hard to step over the rocks. Two weeks later! There was an earthquake in Japan. 

   Those are the kind of dreams I have had--and I can tell you more but I don't want to tire you here!  

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The only thing I can think of is painting. I'm not a great painter, but some work has actually come out nice. I like to paint Van Gogh paintings. It helps me to relax very much because you need to focus, concentrate, and work slowly with the brushes. It's like forcing yourself to relax. Cooking is also very therapeutic for me as well, but I think painting tops it. 

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Without cake there is no visceral. Horse racing comes a close second.

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In my younger days both skiing and football gave me a real instinctual feeling high.  
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Skiing does it for me too! We're finally  getting some snow here to go! 


Unfortunately, my knees can't handle it anymore

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Going to Phoenix Comicon every year. I describe it as my annual religious pilgrimage. Can’t explain it, but there’s something totally magical about completely  immersing myself in fantasy, sci-fi and pop culture for 4 whole days. I’m there the entire 12 hours all 4 days, so there’s no time to watch any TV, read the news, or let any other real-life activities intrude on the experience. I’m totally removed from reality the whole time. It’s exhausting but renewing at same time. I’ve missed it *like crazy* the last 2 years. 2020 & 2021 conventions were cancelled due to COVID. This year is scheduled for the end of May. If they cancel it again I’m gonna scream. 

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