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An email I got today:

 Dear Happy Customer

Thank you for your payment 

We would like to inform you that you Norton security has been renewed for this year. we have received a payment through auto debit instruction. This charge will be update in your bank statement within 24 to 48 hours.


Service Information :-

Payment Method       : Online

Renewal Date              : 11th JAN 2022

Cost                               : 272.14 USD

Order ID                      : NQWER69746


In case you want to cancel your order please call our billing team at 


Thank you,

Norton Security Department

I love all the grammatical errors. The trick is they want you to call for something that didn’t happen in order to get into your computer and get your information. 

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3 Answers

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Keep your eyes peeled Amy.. Glad you spotted it.

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Thanks for sharing, Amy. I get these too. I block and delete these immediately. There's endless scams. I find if they don't address you by your full name just consider it bogus, a red flag. It's  in ones best interest to assume everything is a scam these days, until proven otherwise.

Report the scam to the FTC online, or by phone at 1-877-382-4357 (9am - 8pm, ET). You can check for all sorts of scams, most are listed at the FTC site. With new ones popping up every day.

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I am reporting them as soon as a get a chance. There are so many it's hard to track them all. Those agencies who take care of them must be really busy. 

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I get a variation of this one.  Mine says that norton has been canceled and my computer is infected with 23 viruses.  Call...etc.

I get one similar to yours from amazon.  Telling me about some huge purchase and to call if it is not correct.

I get so many of these and ignore them that I got a real one from my credit card company, that I ignored, so they shut my card off.  When I tried to use it, it was denied.  I called them to ask what was going on and they said that they had sent me an email.  I told them that I routinely ignore email due to way too many scams.  Lol

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