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I was friends who was on the facebook but I lost touch I was wonder if any of you are friends with her Wanda
in Friendship by (320 points)

4 Answers

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Mmmm. Perhaps Wanda’s last name, country, city and town might be of some help to us?

Give us at least a few breadcrumbs!

by (1,049,970 points)
0 votes

Iif you know her last name, that would help. There are a million Wandas in the world, and we can't help you find the one you're looking for solely on her first name. 

by (1,251,850 points)
0 votes

Seek and thou shalt find.

by (4,338,671 points)
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She's working at the paper mill these days. You can reach her through Ricky if you're able to track him down.  I haven't seen him since that whole thing with Jimmy went down. 

by (58,560 points)
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