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I've been on Answerology since the old site, but I was under a different username. I'd say I've been coming on here for about 10/11 years now. I love the people and community of regulars. I also enjoy giving and receiving advice. If I could help someone with my advice, that's great. A/O reminds me of a time when things were simple and this has become a safe place for me to go to if need be. It is like having a mini online family who will always be there for you if you need them. I like that A/O is kind of "unknown" to most people, the small sense of community makes it feel even more special.

I think a/o will always have a special place in my heart for those reasons.

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Welcome home BM, we've missed you.


Hey there BeautifulMind, good to see you back. How are things going for you? 


Thank you Belle, I've missed you too! Hope all is well :)


Hi Amy, things have been going well. How have you been? 


Great answer, Beautifulmind. Heartfelt and inspirational too.


Thank you  


Such a Beautiful Mind.


I am good!   I've moved to Ohio to be near my children, and like it here so far. I still miss NJ though, and its' beaches and mountains.  Are you still in Florida? I'll be there in Ausgust, visiting a cousin. 


Thank you Blue! :)

That's awesome, Amy! I've heard good things about the food in Cleveland, not sure which part of Ohio you moved to. Yes, I'm still in Florida. It has been raining like crazy for the past 2 weeks. It should be much nicer by the time you get here! Lol


BM, I'm smack in the middle of Ohio, in a suburb of Columbus called Dublin. Very quiet here, but tons of different kinds of foods all around. The food is insane, yes. I've hear about the rain there, and also the north east coast is getting very hot as well as rainy. Hoping it wont be like that all summer long. Glad to see you here!


It is nice that you get to be near your children. I'm sure Ohio is more laid back than NJ. Probably less traffic too lol. Yes! It has been so hot and humid. Summers are the worst in FL, so much rain and humidity. Thank you! Glad to talk to you :)


Yes it is more laid back, still not used to it! plus much less crowded. I saw the streets of Miami Beach on the news last night! Wow!  My former mother in law lives there. She is 98 or 99 now. :O


YES, Miami is nuts. Ever since the pandemic started it has been insane over there. I was just in Miami yesterday and it's unbelievable, on top of the crazy drivers over there. South Beach is a tourist trap and not what it used to be. I live in Ft Lauderdale, still crowded but a little less hectic.


Wow, I haven’t been there in years by I can imagine. I remember South Miami and Collins Ave, beautiful but lots of people everywhere. I’m going to be going to Port St Lucie to visit a cousin, never have been there before but I don’t think it’s like Miami. It’s near West Palm Beach. 


Yes, Collins is very crowded. My grandma lives in Port St Lucie. They are still building it up, but there is much more over there now than there ever used to be. It is basically the halfway point between where I am and Orlando. West Palm Beach is not too, too far from there and very nice. Port St Lucie is definitely more laid back and easy to get to everything. My grandma loves it over there, and her cousins from New York actually bought a house in Port st Lucie too so now she loves it even more lol. 

My other grandma lives in Naples, which is also a very nice area but much more expensive. She's a snowbird.


My cousin is about an hour from the airport of West Palm Beach. I'm glad it's more laidback there because I'd like to relax. Another cousin will be there and I think they are trying to get me to move there! I would probably like it a lot, but I do like the season changes and of course like being near my children. I do miss being near NYC.

Does the Naples grandma like to come up in winter? Most folks go down to where it's warm! 


Your cousin must not live far from my grandma. Lol I feel like everyone tries to get people from up north to move to FL. I love being able to see the seasons change, that's something you miss when you're in Florida. Being close to your kids is the best thing though, there's nothing more important than family. 

My other grandma has a condo in Naples with her husband and their main house is in Chicago. Yes! They come to FL in the winter and then go back in the spring. They just left last month.


Beautiful, you’re lucky to get to see both your grandmothers! My grandparents on both sides died at early ages, and I think I was just born when my maternal grandmother died. 

Yes, about the weather. I can’t say I love winter, but the fall is one season I love . : )


Thank you Amy, I do feel fortunate that I have my grandparents in my life. I try to enjoy as much time with them as possible because everyone is getting older. The only grandparent that I've never met is my father's dad. He passed away before I was born. I have 3 grandmas because my mom's parents are divorced so my grandfather's wife has been in my life since I was born, and I consider her my grandma as well. I never realized she wasn't my blood grandma until I got older and understood the dynamics lol! She's amazing. 

Fall is my favorite time of year. Winter up north can be brutal, but to have snow around the holidays is so nice.


That's beautiful about your other grandmother! It's important to have time with them because life is so short, as it's said.  I was very close to my mother's sister, Aunt Amy, and she was almost like a grandmother to me, so I spent as much time as possible with her before she died some years ago. My own mother had died a few years before that, so she was the oldest living relative (and the last one from her generation). She was a "young" 85 year old, very "hip" and funny. She liked Pittbull, the singer, so you can imagine. :D

Fall is great. While I saw the beautiful foliage in NJJ, I'd love to go up further northeast  (Vermont or Maine) to see the colorful changes that are there in New England. Maybe I can do that this year.


Life is so short. I wish we could keep people forever, but it's the cycle of life. Lol she must've been fun to be around! It is wonderful that you were so close with your aunt, I am sure she cherished every memory with you. 

My dream is to go to Maine one day during fall as well! It is so beautiful there. 


Maine is gorgeous, the coast is beautiful, and so is Vermont and New Hampshire. I was supposed to move there when I retired--but my girls came first. And the winters are rough!!

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Been a place I stop in when killing time since way back to the days of the original site.  Guess, I've found it interesting enough to stick around some.  Generally, you all seem like good people.

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To see you obviously!

How’s it going?

The Leftists have left us!

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I'm good lady, I have 4 more treatments then I'm done. How are you?


Congratulations Belle!

I am miserable. Thunderstorms and yo-yo barometer readings have sent my joints into a fit of inflammation. I have failed all the biologics I have tried. Prednisone helps but I can’t live on it. ( sigh )

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I like to help people with any sort of advice they might need. I feel if I can help one person with some advice and perhaps change their life or improve it in any way,  it's all good and worth it. Simple. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Belle! I'm assuming you mean as a member here on Answeology Reloaded? If not please elaborate. Thank you!

As I stated before in a similar question, I enjoy AR as a 'pause for me.'  It's a nice pause to help others, have fun, and to learn too. Especially interesting, is witnessing the different behaviors/personalities solely by sharing facts, and opinions with others. All have the capacity to forgive, share, understand, and the knowledge to accept a difficult conversation. That's why I'm here, and why I stay connected. We have a great bunch of genuine people here. All who care about each other, and have the willingness to help each other. Definitely a great escape.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I've been a teacher of one kind or another since I worked with 2nd graders doing basketball drills when I was in the fifth grade.  I've taught school, coached sports teams, taught swimming lessons, etc., etc. throughout my life.  

Back in the salad days of AOL, I was the Room Leader for the secondary and college AOL online classrooms for a few years in the 90s.  

So it just seemed to be a natural extension of what I have always done.

The biggest benefit is that I now have a huge number of great friends here!

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I enjoy a challenge. Also, the people.

Life is what you make it.

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I have great friends that I followed here. They know who they are. I enjoy the diversity and the different opinions of others I've come to know too. I'm an old soul, with a strong emotional stability and ability. I appreciate the same type people, reason I'm here now. It's been nice getting to know all of you here. 

You're one of my newer favs, Belle Mia.

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I am old.  I have almost no self control.  So I have a lot of time and opinions to share.

As Bill Cosby once ask, "Why is there air?". And replied to " Blow up basketballs. "    I am here for the others.  Someone has to be on the bottom and make everyone else look and feel good.  That is why I am here.  To make everyone else look normal.

Besides, there is something a bit addictive about the place that I don't seem to have the will power to break free from.

i do miss the penis questions though. 

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Wellone, you’re more appreciated than you think. We like you and your humor and answers. Aside from that,  you’re not at all at the bottom! At least I dont think so. 


You're my no 1. And you come from my bucket list number one place I'm longing to visit. I will get to Montana before I die. Or after depending on what actually does happen. 


I agree with Amy, and Belle, Welloone! I appreciate your contribution very much. I respect you and everyone here on AR. 

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Pretty pleasant distraction at times. I enjoy knowing it's here when I want the social interaction that's a bit less forced upon me. 

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I'm here to make the world a better place, however I can. 

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(long answer but) I'm here because;  although my name is different (because I forgot my original one), I'm one of the 'originals' wayyyy back on Answerology, and yes, I witnessed first-hand the changes when it was bought by Hearst...  So yeah, for me, this version is a return to an old habit ...

I'm into the 'Community' of like-minded, inquisitive-minds around here, mostly because that's what brought me to and kept me coming back to the original, and the anti-social nature of the whole covid thing reiterates to me why prisons have all but prohibited 'solitary confinement' (because, it's Cruel, and if you want a guaranteed way to get someone to go insane and/or become suicidal?, just eliminate all their social contact with others) ...

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