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+3 votes

Dress to impress.

in Fashions and Clothes by (4,336,111 points)

6 Answers

+3 votes

Yes, in the sense that I want to be clothed and appropriately protect myself from the elements and be comfortable and sometimes do it with flare. But I'm no fashionista. I'm a functionista.

by (79,390 points)

Hello functionista.

+2 votes

No.  But other people have informed me that they don't want to see me naked.  So my clothing is important to them.  I wear what is socially acceptable and will keep me warm in winter and keep my wife from complaining too much.

by (1,633,330 points)

I put on so much weight none of them fit. Complete waste of money. Won't do that again. Keeping warm in Winter is probably the highest priority for me.


For me personally, warmth is the priority also.

+1 vote

Yes and no. I do care about my appearance in public, in my house...not so much. I do spend more money than I probably should on clothes, but I don't wear high designer clothing like Gucci or Versace clothes. I've noticed that buying better quality clothing that will last longer is more cost efficient than buying super cheap clothing that shrinks and gets holes after one wash. I'll spend more money replacing cheaper quality clothing over time. My clothes last me years. 

In the house, I wear ripped baggy, loose shirts most of the time because I'm usually cleaning so I don't care what I look like. My mom actually gets mad when she sees me wearing my house shirts and she tells me I should dress better in my house. Who is going to see me?!?

When I go out, it's a different story. I do care about looking nice and professional.

I do own a collection of luxury handbags. I am obsessed with handbags, that is my weakness.

Overall, FOOD is most important to me lol. 

by (213,070 points)

I like to look smart if going out at night or at work. It also lifts my mood. However, comfort, cost and durability also factor in for me now. I live alone and rarely get visitors so I just wear what I want.


Yes, it makes you feel better if you feel good. When I'm alone or around family in the house, I definitely don't care as much.

+1 vote

Enough to at least look presentable. I don't by any means wear anything fancy though. Jeans and t-shirt guy.

by (58,560 points)
+2 votes

Since my illness (PsA- Psoriatic Arthritis) I dress entirely for comfort and functionality. Years prior I was a complete fashionista. To resist being irresponsible with my hard earned money, I dressed to fit my rather petite frame and less fad or trendy clothing. I might throw in a trendy scarf, shoes or sunglasses to look more relevant. Lol. I tried to limit myself to maybe one or two very trendy jeans or outfits.

But when the progressive arthritis became an agility problem, shoes with heels had to go and flat sports shoes became necessary to gain stability.

Fancy blouses with lots of buttons and pants with complex closures gave way to pullover knit tops and adjustable waistline pants.

My trendy hairstyles gave way to the classic chignon pictured in my AOR profile. I am nearing my 10 yr anniversary with being diagnosed with this disease although I feel I had symptoms much earlier!

by (1,048,190 points)
+1 vote

Yes! I always dress appropriate for the occasion. 

: )

by (461,200 points)
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