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My wife Mary and I planned a trip to Brazil, and other related destinations 6 months ago. Our flight was cancelled yesterday. Seems LaGuardia Airport was among those most impacted by this. We were told it's due to staffing shortages and bad weather. Waiting on the airlines now on what's next. I always get insurance, but that doesn't help our disappointment. Bad weather I can accept out of safety, but staffing shortages? I never thought I'd see the day.

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SAM! Yes! This has happened to me countless times. More for work than leisure though. If the airline canceled you are then entitled to a refund regardless of reason. A voucher too is often issued. However, I would peruse whatever you prefer, with the refund option if you choose not to travel going forward. 

On the brighter side, it looks like traveling via your boat/cruiser is your best bet now. Not to Brazil, of course, lol. Maybe visit your daughter sooner than planned? All the same, I'm beyond sorry that this has happened to you and Mary. Make lemonade out of those lemons, SAM. Lol.

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Thank you SandyGirl. I talked to the airlines today, and I followed your advice, stating that I would prefer a refund because of other travel plans that would conflict because of this unexpected cancellation. The representative tried her best to force a voucher on me but  I insisted I wanted a refund. They finally agreed to issue me a refund. Thank you for your help, SandyGirl.  

Lemonade coming right up, lol!


You're welcome, SAM. Remember too,  your credit card company will fight for you too, should that ever become necessary. Airlines know this, but they hope to count on the ignorance of their customers not to know. All's well that ends well!  : )

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No. But then I've only flown twice in my entire life. Over here they've cancelled a load of flights in advance because of staff shortages. Pandemic related. I have no sympathy for them. Don't make staff redundant. None of them planned for the worst and when the shit hit the fan they think the government should bail them out. It's tough at the top.

I'm sorry they've ruined your plans.

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TY, Blue! I agree with you 100 percent. Unfortunately, enabling the airlines is the governments strategy in order to protect economy activity. Not a good look.


I blame Brexit, still waiting for those positives from the people who told us there would only be positives.

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Yes,Once when I was in Costa Rico. The airline I was to return on went on strike. I was however able to get a flight back home via another airline!

I began to feel less comfortable traveling out of country as the years moved on.

We came within a half mile of Sandanista’s in Panama.

Whelp… that’s too close for me!

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Thats not too bad, atleast they provided you an alternative route home.

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Oh no! I heard about cancellations on the news and was about to ask you about that. What is the airline planning to do about it? Will they give you vouches for a future trip?  Sorry that happened to you. :(

 It happened a few years ago, on a Christmas holiday, that the tickets I had gotten online to see my daughters when I was still in Jersey, had a problem with no seating for me. Long story short--I was given a voucher for $800 from United Airlines. I have a feeling they had heard me talking to another person who was going to a funeral, and I told him I would give him my seat if there was a no-show.  we were both on stand-by. It turned out the passenger did show--but both of us got  trips a few hours ahead, plus the voucher for the inconvenience. I was just happy to be let on a flight a few hours ahead of time. 

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Yes! We are to receive a voucher. Still no word, they did say we would hear from them. I always get insurance too. This changed happened the last minute making it more frustrating. Plus, it's all the other stuff planned. Domino effect.


There has been criticism for flights being cancelled last minute here as well. Which is why they've done it a few weeks in advance this time.

The disappointment would still be there but I'd rather have the 2 weeks notice. People were nuts, I'd rather not have been at the airport dealing with all that chaos.

Surely they can use temping agencies and bank staff. I'm registered with several and they can ask people to be there next day.


That has to be frustrating, Sam. To unpack and undo everything, in addition to all the things you were looking forward to doing. They must have been super busy to tell you they'd contact you. My voucher was given right there and then when the other person showed up (the potential no show who was late). But then again there was enough staff and no problems with weather or flights. Was this at Kennedy? I'm supposed to stop by that airport on a layover, such a busy airport. 


Amy, as stated in my details the airport was LaGuardia Airport, they were among those most impacted by these cancellations. You're right, this situation was beyond frustrating.

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My only experience flying different airlines on the same trip.

One left really late and the other really early. I caught a nasty virus from sleeping overnight at the airport. 

Have not gone separate carriers since. 

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Yes, this is happening everywhere. Just happened to my parents a couple weeks ago when they were trying to fly to Chicago. My parents fly for free on standby, so they waited all day at the airport and finally got out on the last flight because the other flights got cancelled. There are a lot of airline staff shortages right now, my dad works for American Airlines. 

P.s.: So sorry about your trip! They will give you a voucher to book another flight. 

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That’s true, BM. I’m afraid of flying in August now, I hope it gets better by then. 

BTW, 2 of my cousins worked for AA too! One in Texas and the other in PR! 


How long does it take to receive voucher? I thought I would get it the same day? I was told we would hear from them? Thank you, just frustrated.


Be prepared in August, Amy. We're doing better now,. We've accepted the  reality of it all. It's just a lot of crap to deal with.


Sam, yes they should have given you a voucher but then if it was as crazy as you say, it might take longer. You might want to call the airline and ask them. You'll be on hold for a long time, so you can put them on speaker phone and do other things while you wait. But they'll give you your answer. The numbers for the airlines are online. 


Sam, they should do it pretty much right away. If they haven't contacted you back by now, I'd give customer service a call.

Amy, the main hub is in Dallas! That's awesome! I'm flying in August as well, hopefully it is better by then but who knows.


Hey BM!  Maybe I'll see you at the airport in Florida!  Haha...


Lol wouldn't that be nice?!?

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Yes my flight to Majorca last october got cancelled as we were literally waiting to check in. 

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Oh that's incredibly unfortunate, Sam! It's been a long time since it's happened to me, but yes I used to fly fairly frequently for a job, and occasionally a flight would get cancelled. The most frustrating experience I've had a few times is when I've already been at the airport and they initially say the flight is delayed, more delayed, delayed some more, and then finally cancelled. You can't do anything but just sit there and wait until it does finally get cancelled. Luckily one time when it went so long that there were no more flights that night the airline did put me up in a nearby hotel and then arranged to have me on the first flight out the next morning, but it's still not ideal.

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