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So everytime I walk from my backyard to my garage, or vice versa, or walk out the side door of my garage to the driveway (to my vehicle), or try to take a break out on my deck (which by the way is like 40 feet from the property line and fence), I have to endure my neighbor's dog incessant barking and running and huffing back and forth at me and I've had enough of it !

I filed a complaint with the city and they are apparently going to send a Bi-law officer/Peace officer by the neighbor's tomorrow ... but I have little faith it'll accomplish much !

I told the woman I filed the complaint with (at the city), that if this continues, "I will be jumping the fence and permanently shutting that fucking dog up myself !"   And I wasn't kidding !

I no-longer have any of my guns (sold them) but I do have a few baseball bats, including a nice aluminum one, hockey sticks, several forestry/carpentry tools (different axes, different hammers, some with nice longggg claws), I have several air-nailers that'll shoot 2" to 3-1/2" spikes 20+ feet 'deadly' straight, I have plenty of steel pipe, and a 'killer' temperament when it comes to dogs especially ...

So what ideas do you have for me ?   BTW - I don't give a shit what's 'right' or 'proper' anymore, I WILL NOT be a prisoner in my own yard because of a fucking dog and it's irresponsible owners !   Enough is Enough !!!

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I think the best thing to do is call animal control/animal services to report pet abuse. The dog is likely obsessive and incessantly barking at you because it is neglected by its owners, so if the owners don't take responsibility for the mental well-being of their dog, in my opinion they should forfeit the right of ownership. Animal services would be the appropriate department to properly handle that situation. I'm not sure why your city is sending over a peace officer when an animal expert is what is more important here, in my opinion. What that would resolve is both your frustrations over not being able to enjoy your space, AND the dog would not have to live in an unsuitable environment anymore (but ideally wouldn't have to be killed).

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Ya I'll talk with the officer tomorrow and use his connections to get animal control over ...


Yes, that sounds best. It may not happen as quickly as you would like, but I do think it's the best (legal) route towards solving your problem. And, as lady4u said, recording the barking that you experience could definitely help your case because if the owner is aware exactly when the cops/animal control is coming over, they may try to get the dog on its best behavior just at the right time, and charm them, etc. So you want to make sure you have as much unbiased evidence for your case on the matter as you can.

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We had the exact same problem only our neighbor had 4 bird dogs that would bay day and night 

I tried speaking with him to little avail.

I was a prisoner in my own home. If I sat on my upper deck that would send them into a frenzy!

So here is what I did. I put a voice activated recorder in my bedroom window. Every time a squirrel ran across the yard or a leaf blew down from the large Hackberry trees they would scream as if they were scalded.

I called animal control after I had recorded multiple hours of the hounds barking.

Animal control issued a citation for him and us to go to mayors court.

Meanwhile the city sent out someone to measure the decibels of the dogs barking

The court decided that he was not in control of his animals and deemed he couldn’t keep them at his residence.

Consequently he had to move the kennel and all four hounds!

Yes, you could kill them but you would be in a whole heap of trouble arrested and possibly checked by a clinical psychologist to determine if you were “ in your right mind”

So now the choice is yours. 

Don’t think your neighbor might not have discrete cameras on his dog!

You sound unhinged.

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I am unhinged, and I don't give a fuck !  I've been to a psychiatrist and his conclusion was basically "with all the ____ you've endured this last couple years, you're doing exceptional ..." 

So yeah, insult me all you want !  


I am sorry that you were insulted. But this running commentary about killing a neighbor’s dog doesn’t sound normal.

Let the authorities handle it!


I will chat with the officer that comes by tomorrow, and get animal control people over/involved first etc.

But like I mentioned in my reply to Blue, if all that is for naught, then my next step will be me donning my earmuffs, firing up my air-compressor then leaning over the fence nice and close to this pain-in-the-ass canine's head and me pressing/holding down... the button on my (former semi-truck's) excruciatingly loud air-horn ... !  Repeat repeat repeat ... !

Wakey wakey everybody !

Problem Solved !

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I've had barking dogs next door for years. I ignore them.

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Ya but that's not right, we shouldn't have to put up with a pain-in-the-ass dog(s) anymore than our neighbors would put up with us blaring the most irritating air-siren constantly anytime they step out the door !  

Now that I mention it, maybe I do know what I could do, after-all  there is nothing illegal about deafening that little bastard next door ...


Doesn't bother me.

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I can't find it now but I recently read an article that the council are giving 3 chances for nuisance pets then it's a huge fine or the animal is removed.

That might just be here in Scotland though cause I can't find the article 

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That sounds about right.


Ya that's what the woman I filed my complaint with at the city here (Alberta, Canada) kinda hinted at when she asked me if I'd be willing to do followup reports on the situation, something about "... to see if the issue has been resolved or if we need to take further steps ... (and then something about the "dog-license ").

I'm going to go find and rig-up my Air-horn though and if this issue isn't resolved through the ordinary channels and pronto, I have a feeling that my air horn blasting for the same length of time (1/2 hour, full hour or literally all day) everytime the dog barks at me, will likely 'inspire' a resolution ... fairly promptly  ;-)

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I do think this has you pretty much upset, and I recommend like others here to see if there can be anything done with the noise. I am thinking that this bothers some people more than others. I do not recpmmend getting violent with this dog, however. 

   I had a neighbor above me who used to let her dog on the balcony by homself, and  every time he saw a squirrel he'd bark. We have hundreds of them here. It wasn't a regular loud bark either, it was more like a snarl/bark if you can imagine that.  Well, it turns out that at this community, dogs are not allowed to get on balconies by themselves, it's against rules here. So lo and behold--thye were warned about it, and after a few months of this--these neighbors moved out. So either the HOA people saw that they continued to leave him on the balcony, or they felt the place was too strict for them. 

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